Correct understanding of the world helps better to foothold in it and to exploit all the possibilities. Successfully achieve the target, without paying attention to the non-existent factors. This section is dedicated to the most common questions and statements of believers and answers to them. It can be helpful in finding and explaining evidences, why God is just an illusion, created by the human mind, with all features and characteristics of illusion. We hope, that this section will be useful in disputes with religious people.

If you will notice that we made a mistake, or know how to write more understandable, please correct us by e-mail Various advices on how we can kill ourselves or how to shove our explanations into our own assholes, better leave in “Comments” section :).

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Welcome to our English version of Lithuanian godless chronicles. Here you will find some translations. Our glorious ink-men have collected human and alien wisdom about various events for many years, including communist and clerical infestations, popes, tsars, fuhrers, vampires, zombies, time travellers. Our agents have even travelled through time themselves. Those who don’t believe that... we will see, who will laugh last, when you all will be mounted on anal probes by our lizard partners from U246Z galaxy cluster as revenge. We scribed our knowledge for human kind and fought many historical battles against after-life worlds and clericals in many realms. Last battle between us and Lithuanian High Priest with squadron of flying nuns raged in 2013 in our capital city. Fortunately, Lithuanian government Air Force was on our side. Maybe, in the future, we will translate story about this battle too... when we will learn more English ways.

To be serious: In the Bible (Exodus 7-12), God incited Jews to leave Egypt. When Jews wanted to leave Egypt, God hardened Pharaoh’s soft heart, so Pharaoh would not let Jews to leave. Then, because Pharaoh did not let Jews to leave, God tortured and killed a lot of people, including innocent human and animal babies, who were not responsible for clouded Pharaoh’s decision. If God was so cunning and unjust murderer on Earth, why do you think He will be different and will treat everyone differently in Heaven? Killing and torturing innocent for crimes of criminals, was usual attribute of God. Please read the Bible from cover to cover, before worshipping and supporting immoral abominations.



Poe's Law - without a winking smiley or other blatant display of humour, it is impossible to create a parody of Fundamentalism that SOMEONE won't mistake for the real thing.

Similar to Murphy's Law (Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.), Poe's Law concerns Internet debates, particularly regarding religion or politics. No matter, how bizarre, outrageous or just plain idiotic a parody of a Fundamentalist is, there always will be someone who cannot tell that it is a parody, having seen similar REAL ideas from REAL religious or political Fundamentalists.

Gnostic - Knowledgeable. Defines world views with provable claims.

Agnostic - Non-knowledgeable. Defines world views with non-provable claims.

Theist - Supports existence of God.

Theist gnostic - Gnostic - Claims that existence of God can be proven.

Theist agnostic - Theist - Claims that existence of God can not be proven.

Atheist - Supports non-existence of God.

Atheist gnostic - Atheist - Claims that non-existence of God can be proven.

Atheist gnostic claims non-existence of God due to the lack of evidences, incompatibility and contradiction of religious ideas with real World. For example: Main law of mater/energy says that mater/energy (something) can not appear from nothing and disappear to nothing. It (something) just changes forms. This means that world WAS NOT created, but existed and will exist forever. Idea of Creation from nothing contradicts properties of real World.

Atheist agnostic - Agnostic - Claims that non-existence of God can not be proven.

Atheist agnostic claims non-existence of God due to the lack of evidences only.

Ancient Greek: ἀ- = without, theos = gods, gnōsis = knowledge.

Statement “God does not exist” requires proof. But God is not a bottle of beer, whose non-existence can be proved by opening the door of the refrigerator. In order to prove, that God does not exist, all spaces of existing World must be examined. It is impossible. Therefore, it would be more logical to say that: “God is considered non-existent, because there is no evidences to prove his existence.” In a closed real space, only finite amount of real objects can exist-fit, but you can fit there infinite amount of imaginary objects, because imaginary objects do not occupy real space. In other words, there can be unlimited amount of hypotheses, but only one of them may be correct – correspond one Reality. Therefore, basing on logic, it is accepted, that an object is not considered existent, if there is no real evidences of its existence. These evidences must be based on real facts, verified and confirmed by scientific experiments. Specific God’s hypothetical features and actions can be disproved by contradicting already known and proven facts of Reality.

Believers often mix 3 different categories of non-believers:

  • atheists, who can explain, why God is not needed, contradictory and where the hypothesis of God's existence came from;
  • agnostics, who do not know, why God is unnecessary, and often are not interested in this topic;
  • worldviewless, who don’t care about existence questions or have not developed worldview yet, due to the young age.

Atheism - A world-view that does not recognise God's existence.

Atheism tries to explain World and everything in it basing solely on proven and documented by science facts. It also tries to answer the same important philosophical questions, as religious-theistic world-views. For example: How we originated? How morality formed? What are causes of events? Does “higher mind” exist? Etc..

Fact - A statement based on practical knowledge, whose validity is not doubted.

Facts often refer to actually happened/ongoing events, verified and confirmed by scientific experiments. Scientifically validated facts can be used as part of evidences.

Hypothesis - A statement not confirmed and not denied by factual evidences.

Theory - A statement confirmed by factual evidences.

Faith - A belief that information about objects/events is correct.

Fantasy - Information defining non-existent objects/events.

Terror - extreme fear.

Terrorise - cause terror (extreme fear).
Terrorist – initiator of terror (extreme fear).
Terrorism - act of causing terror (extreme fear).

Terrorist may cause feeling of terror, either consciously or unconsciously. Terrorists are commonly referred to only as those who are using physically brutal and violent means on purpose. People often add "legality", "politics" and other extra conditions to terrorism definitions in order to avoid the "terrorist" label themselves.

There are various forms of terrorism. For example, the death penalty is a form of state terrorism that aims to deter people from committing particularly serious crimes. Unconscious terrorism would be if, for example, a well eaten hawk would be flying calmly in the sky, and this would result in a terrible panic among poultry in the yard.

Sex - trait that determines reproductive function (female, male, hermaphrodite...).

Sex is defined by DNA. Humans are gonochoric (species with two distinct sexes):

Female (♀) - sex that can produce egg cells (female gametes). Females have two X chromosomes.

Male (♂) - sex that can produce sperm cells (male gametes). Males have X and Y chromosome.

Due to DNA variations and anomalies, people may have more or less traits of their own and opposite sex and be in various intermediate locations on “Female←→Male” scale.

Gender - sex (male or female) combined with maturity.

Girl - child female.
Gal - young female i.e., physically mature, but mentally still maturing. 18+, adulthood age.
Woman - adult female. 40+, presidential age.

Boy - child male.
Guy - young male i.e., physically mature, but mentally still maturing. 18+, adulthood age.
Man - adult male. 40+, presidential age.

Biological sex and gender separation in current “multi-gender“ ideology is irrational as separation of brain and mind. It is done by people, who are trying to present wishes as reality. Transgender is not another gender - it is an attempt to mimicry opposite sex. Nothing wrong with that, until participation is voluntary. The moment someone starts to force others to participate in bad and not convincing mimicry... performance will receive bad reviews.

Although, we recognize one possible third human sex-gender (scientific name: “Attack Helicopter Boeing AH-64 Apache”) that Lauren Southern identified as in discussions with members of the multi-gender religion.


Majority is on the ends of female-male sex scale. Minority is anywhere in between. Sexual orientation (who you are sexually attracted to) mostly is predetermined by your physical structure and partly is formed by your psychical and psychological experience. People can imagine as many human genders as they like, but these other genders, like unicorns, exist only in imagination. Delusions and imaginary things must not be treated as real ones. Misperception of reality is not a crime, but should not be encouraged.

Individualism - a philosophy that prioritizes the individual over the collective.

Collectivism - a philosophy that prioritizes the collective over the individual.

Morals - collection of ethic norms (rules of behaviour).

Morals are formed by Evolution - constantly happening natural selection between beings or groups of beings with various behaviours.

Good - something, which increases chances of survival.

Bad - something, which decreases chances of survival.

For example, cooperation is evaluated as "Good", because cooperation gave survival advantage i.e. tribes which cooperated, ousted tribes which did not cooperated.

Moral or Right - something, which is perceived as Good.

Immoral or Wrong - something, which is perceived as Bad.

For example, locking a killer inside the jail is Bad for the killer, but Moral, because it increases survival chance of other members of society and contributes to faster forming of high trust society, which speeds up resource exchange and development.

Prejudice - assumption about the individual based on their membership to a particular group.

Prejudice can be negative or positive, depending on the reputation of the group.

All living beings use prejudice to apply the most appropriate interaction with a stranger from the known group. Prejudice is extremely important for survival. Prejudice is what people use when they conclude to offer carrots to a stranger horse or refuse to pet a cobra like a puppy dog. Same for humans. For example, modern Japanese strive to maintain a good reputation, so their citizens benefit from a positive prejudgment in most parts of the world. Improving the reputation of the group is the correct way to change the prejudices of others towards the individuals of that group.

Racism - discrimination (unjust treatment) on the basis of race.

Sometimes people use more vague definitions of "racism". For example, "antagonism" was added to some modern definitions, which means that any active criticism against any ethnic group could be called "racism". Such vague definitions allow to smear and destroy reputation of normal people. Vague definitions indicate lack of understanding or ill intent. For example, vague laws opens possibility to corrupt judges who interpret them.

Object - name of event or matter.

The word "object" can mean both, material (box, molecule) and immaterial (hour, speed, color), concepts.

Information - a certain ARRANGEMENT of material particles in space - a reflection of the effects of surrounding objects.

If changes occur in an object that reflect the effects of another object, it can be said that the first object is a carrier of the information about the second object.

Truth - information that logically mirrors reality and optionally was processed with known logic rules based on laws of physics.

Touch - ability to sense and perceive mechanical and thermal stimuli.

This is one of the main human and animal sense types. They are felt in the skin, muscles, tendons and joints - the tactile organs. Receptors in the tactile organs, when exposed to external stimuli, produce electrical impulses that are transmitted by nerves to the brain. Touch helps to determine object's shape, size, surface properties, temperature, position in space.

Note: Religion, by misunderstanding the nature of feelings, assigns feelings to receptors which feels God.

Active touch - direct triggering of sensory receptors.
E.g., touching an object by hand.

Passive touch - indirect triggering of sensory receptors.
E.g., observing the object through the eyes.

Instrumental active touch - indirect triggering of sensory receptors i.e., using objects that directly irritate sensory receptors.
E.g., assessment of the shape and size of the object using a stick (blind).

Instrumental passive touch - indirect triggering of sensory receptors.
E.g., determining the shape of an object by observing it through binoculars.



All structures are similar... bones, wings, fins, human hands. This proves, that this is created by one creator.

Why bee wing structure doesn't match bird wing structure? Were they created by more than one creator? Maybe, bees were created by Satan? And who created ascarids, banqueting in human assholes?

Similar structures are determined by the same laws of physics in different places of the Universe (and in many cases by common ancestor). Therefore, for example, a drop of water in a state of weightless levitation will always form itself into a perfect spherical shape, no matter in which corner of the Universe it happens.

All these scientists say, that human begins from conception.

Of course, even a horse can grasp, that it isn't a beet forming there. An 8-week embryo (mixture of cells) in its development is similar to a shrimp without nervous system and brain. Human begins, when brain forms and starts functioning in his body. Because it is the brain, what generates such features as feelings and thoughts. While there is no brain – it is not human. What kind of a human is without a brain? If only, maybe, religious fanatic :). Therefore, until brain forms, embryo should have the same rights as all shrimps. Priests often misrepresent scientific statements and any piece of human flesh call „human“.

Are science and religion complementing each other?

Religion and Science are competitors. With each discovery Science shows, that our world is running without divine intervention, constantly reducing domain, “belonging” to God. While Religion splurge promises, what it will give, after we will die, Science actually provide us better life, while we are alive. People starting to understand, that recommendations like: “Give me money now and pray to God, so maybe He will have mercy on you tomorrow.” are worthless. Once upon a time, the Bible was regarded as pure truth, direct word of God. Science made from that set of archaic nonsenses. That's why Religion burned astronomers and heretics at stakes, tried to stop experiments, fought against cloning, which conflicted with idea of souls. Religion is like a beautiful, but poisonous smell emitting flower. And we all know, that the most uneducated people and children confuse beauty with truth and goodness (e.g. poke fingers into the fire).

Attempts to eliminate religiosity failed so far, because behind it stands Real thing.

Attempts to eliminate people's stupidity, laziness and gullibility failed so far also... what stands behind them?

Bible must be understood in a figurative sense.

So can it be that God, Paradise, Hell and all afterlife in the Bible are figurative too? And judging by how God is described in the Bible, He clearly represents Evil, who commit atrocities under banner of “Goodness”.

By denying existence of God, you acknowledge His existence, because it's unreasonable to deny, what doesn't exist.

You have blue penguin in your refrigerator. Now, you can acknowledge this fact or, by denying, only will prove, that he actually sits there. And when adults tell to children, that Santa doesn’t exist, by doing so, they are proving his existence.

Can discovery of Jesus' remains mean the end of Christianity?

The end of Christianity will not occur, even if documents will be found, demonstrating that citizen Jesus Christ was notorious caravan robber and brothel owner in Jerusalem. When big herd of people want to believe, they will not be stopped by tiny barriers of common sense. (Vajėzus)

Christianity is engaged in charitable donations and supports schools.

Christianity doesn't sponsor anything, because it doesn't create material goods. It collects money from people and redistributes them on their own behalf (of course, without forgetting to take lion's share for themselves). People, who donate money to religion, could invest them directly in education and science, which creates new medication, technique. Thanks to scientific discovery, one farmer can feed now 20 times more people, than in ancient times. This helps to save world from starvation. Each strong state has its own social programs, which are much wider and more efficient than Christian charity.

Christianity will save us from Islam.

Yes, like fox will save chickens from wolf :).

David Koresh as the Nazis were not real Christians.

And who are these real Christians? People who agree with you and don't put you in an embarrassing situation?

Did God created humans?

Typically, complex organisms develop from simple... so, probably, people created God, not vice versa.

Did Jesus died for humanity?

He didn‘t die. Jesus resurrected on third day (Matthew 28:5) and went to Heaven (Mark 16:19). As all-knowing God he knew (John 18:4) that he will not die but will go to Heaven after all show (John 13:1). Jesus had few bad days. In human history there were people, who suffered much worse tortures and really died for others.

Difference between loyalty and honesty.

If you want partner, who, after finding €10,000 on a street, brings all money home and gives you €5,000 - you want loyal partner (honest-fair with you, but not necessarily honest-fair with others).

If you want partner, who, after finding €10,000 on a street, gives all money straight to police - you want honest partner (honest-fair with everyone).

It should be remembered, that if a person is not honest-fair with others, he will, most likely, treat you similarly.

Loyalty is valued more in dictatorships than in democracies.
Honesty-fairness is valued more in democracies than in dictatorships.

This is one of the reasons, why dictatorships are less economically and socially developed than democracies. Because honesty-fairness is directly related to truth and justice - important things in social development... and dictatorships are not thriving well on truth and justice. Loyalty, unfortunately, is not always honest and fair. Societies, where truth with justice (including rewards and punishments for good and evil deeds) have higher priority, operate more smoothly and therefore have greater evolutionary advantage over societies with less of that and with more deception, misleading, lying instead (resulting in stress, mistrust, conflicts).

Honesty can be detrimental individually (like in example - sometimes you must make sacrifices), but it pays off more on a group scale. For this reason, it can be difficult for people, who are able to think only within their narrow individual boundaries, to grasp full value of honesty, and it is why honesty is not as important on their list of values as loyalty. Being honest only when it is personally beneficial and does not cause losses is not as valuable as when it does. The value of human honesty-fairness depends on how much of personal well-being someone sacrifices for it.

If person or company demands loyalty, but not honesty... in order, not to get into difficult situation in the future, you need to clearly define in advance that your loyalty only applies to honest activities and is not intended to cover up crimes. Being loyal in this case means, that if you will notice mistakes or crimes, you will try to repair situation and restore justice first in conjunction with who you promised to be loyal to. If this will not change and repair situation, then contract of loyalty (someone’s desire to continue to cover up crimes) will be terminated. Both parties must keep their promises for contract to be valid.

Do you believe in life after death?

No, but we believe in life before death.

Do vampires exist?

There are not only vampires but cannibals also. Every Sunday they drink the blood and eat the flesh of Jesus Christ :).

Eve was cloned from Adam, but, when Bible was written, people did not know, how to say this.

Of course. And author of “The Adventures of Pinocchio” had in mind scientific genetic experiment with someone, during which DNA code snippet of plant was integrated into human's genetic code. But since author didn't know, how to say this, he simply wrote, that Geppetto carved Pinocchio from lump of wood.

Evolution of "Third Eye"

Pineal gland is deep inside human brain. It contains pinealocytes, which have a strong resemblance to the photoreceptor cells of the eye. But this factor have nothing to do with ability to see "parallel worlds". Many centuries ago, pineal gland was on surface of undeveloped brain. Telencephalon is the most anterior region of the nervous system. Surrounded and covered by evolving telencephalon, pineal gland was trapped deep inside the brain. Some creatures, which have undeveloped brain, hole in their scull and pineal gland outside their body as third eye still exists. Pineal gland is not for seeing "parallel words". In humans and other mammals, the light signals from THIS WORLD are sent from the eye through the retinohypothalamic system to the suprachiasmatic nuclei and the pineal. It's obvious, that humans got their ideas about "third eye" for gods, like Shiva, from lizards and frogs.

Evolution will teach you only, how to crack sculls with clubs for banana.

You are underestimating Evolution. You can learn also, how to cut people with knife and mangle them with axe :). If to be serious... Evolution promotes not only fight for yourself, but cooperation as well, because this is feature, which helps to survive. Church villainously appropriate good merits of Evolution to themselves and their God, such as uniting and cooperation of organisms, which helps to achieve goals insurmountable for one individual. Of course, we would believe, that this is all Church's teachings, if only someone will show us miniature church with tiny Pope and tiny Bible in his hands, lecturing about God and His commandments in an anthill.

Free will.

Free Will - the ability of deterministic objects to act (implement their will) independently (free) from each other.

This definition presents free will not as an exception to deterministic laws but as a result of them, which removes the traditional philosophical contradiction between free will and determinism.

The concept of "free will"  derives from relativity. For example, two clocks function perfectly fine and independently from each other, as do two robots performing unique tasks. The same concept applies to humans.

Let's imagine you've created an AI robot programmed to make BLUE teapots. You release this robot into the wild, where it continues to manufacture BLUE teapots. After some time, you decide you'd like the robot to make RED teapots instead. However, you can't locate the robot. It continues to produce BLUE teapots because it operates freely and independently from you. The robot possesses a form of "free will" because it makes decisions independent of others.

Strict physical laws (deterministic) are required for things to function properly. Will requires determinism to function. Random and unpredictable changes cause things to disintegrate and can corrupt process of making logical decisions (in the brain for example). Randomness and unpredictability can be a property of smallest particles, but life forms and objects, relying on logic, must be immune to randomness or counter it. Computers use “error correction” methods to counter randomness, because determinism is required for them not to die.

Additionally, understanding becomes easier when you consider that you're not simply made of matter and energy, but rather, you are the matter and energy. In other words, nothing rules over you; you are the rules.

If Universe is infinite (uncalculatable) then “randomness” can occur because something can come from infinite outside and disrupt inside mechanism of the object.

If people don't have free will, is it right to punish them?

If object is not guilty (something from outside interrupted inside processes and created internal errors), it is still broken. We try to fix or isolate it not because it is guilty, but to avoid future damage. “Hard criminal's childhood” is not excuse but the cause.

How religion and intelligence influence each other?

Religion is a sign of abstract thinking in the brain. Some primates posses such level of intelligence: There is research and video, where chimpanzees perform rituals, similar to religious, as the construction of markers near “holy” tree.

Intelligence is closely connected with religion. In countries, where average intelligence doesn’t exceed 85 IQ, there are almost no non-believers. Only with an average IQ about 95, unbelieving population reaches 5%. With 100 IQ – 15% of non-believers. Among the smartest scientists with Nobel prizes, where average intelligence hovers around 135 IQ, it was 93% of non-believers in 1998.

In order to have abstract world-view, developed intelligence is needed. But not too much developed for the existence of religions. Because more developed intelligence has improved logical and sceptical thinking and religions obviously are contrary to data, compiled by the scientific method, which is the most effective for determination of the truth (information that is undistorted / mirrors the reality). A simple example: The first law of thermodynamics is contrary to the creation of the world. Matter / Energy can not emerge from nothing and disappear into nothing. This is a sign of eternity, this means, doesn’t need the creation.

Different religions have different effects on the development of society’s intelligence. The most popular religions have built-in laws against further development of the intelligence and punish logical and sceptical thinking (which can lead to loss of the faith). Islam is one of the most restrictive, because doubts and leaving of Islam is punishable with death penalty.

Temperature and cognitive performance.

Optimal ambient temperature for cognitive performance is around 22°C. Brain weights about 2% of body weight, but consumes about 20% of oxygen in resting state. Brain temperature in resting state is about 36.9 ± 0.4°C. It is expensive body part to maintain. Studying, exams and work must be carried out in optimal temperature conditions to achieve better results. Global warming in countries with hot climate will have negative impact on intellectual capabilities, where population can't afford or lacks ability to control environment temperature.

Object of worshipping for non-believers becomes money, sex, power, drugs, alcohol...

Yes, of course... money, sex, power, drugs, alcohol... but not arts, sports, philosophy or family. Because we all know, that all positive things in this world is exclusive privilege of believers only.

God exists. After all, millions of people can't be wrong.

Aren't wrong more than 1 000 000 000 000 flies by opting to eat shit? Weren't millions of Germans wrong by declaring war on the world? Weren't representatives of the church wrong by killing millions of people during Inquisition and Crusades? Weren't Russians wrong by chosing communism and forcing it on other nations? History shows us, that majority is not always choose the right decisions. And, unfortunately, sometimes bad ideas spread like viruses, when positive psychological environment is formed (e.g. "Barnum effect").

We agree, that argument of “majority” usually serves the purpose and is associated with a well-proven and reliable stuff. And it is very important during making fast decisions. But the history of mankind teaches, that it is dangerous to rely only on argument “Millions have selected this solution, because it is true.” The Truth is based on facts and evidences, not on opinion of the crowd. Sometimes it is good to use your mind and to ask yourself and crowd: “And why are we going there?”

God helps people.

Is it why He sent Pope Parkinson's disease?

God tests us on Earth. The best will go to Paradise.

Yeah, maybe I should breed for myself a herd of mouses or kittens too. Then I will Infect them with all kinds of diseases, torture and crush them with various disasters, burn them in fires, drown in floods, strangle them in their sleep. And those, least thinking and carrying out all my commands, will be executed more gently, of course, before promising them to move their “souls” to The Grain Warehouse (which, by the way, I don't have... like they have “souls”). Such nice 'divine' entertainment. If God is such cruel sadist on Earth, why do you believe, that in Paradise will be better?

I am offended. Can I crack your skull now?

The main purpose of debates is to be offensive and defensive with information, and not with fists. Do you feel offended by words or images? Good. Now defend yourself with words and images (information) and offend your opponent with words and images (information) or retreat and prepare better for next time. Debates are like Chess game, but with words. If, after offensive move of opponent, person can't come up with anything better, than releasing his fists, faeces or the Kraken (if he has one)... he is not a smart person and, clearly, is loosing intellectual battle. Being offended and being right are two different things. If someone thinks, that he is right, because he is offended, he is not only offended, but stupid as well. Being right and being angry are two different things too. It is usual tactic of stupid people to present their anger as “rightness”, because they don’t have anything else in their brain to present as argument. “Most angry one is most right one” tactic, if unstopped and allowed to give desired results to aggressive people, will be viewed, and rightfully so, as successful and will lead to more and more violence in society, because people are inclined to mimic and adopt successful tactics. People, who successfully apply such tactic to others, will reap, what they sow, with interest later themselves. To calm down society, main rule should be: „The moment you became angry and aggressive... you lost“. Society should not pander to aggressive and stupid people, encouraging and feeding aggressiveness and stupidity. Feelings and how you feel inside you, visible or not to others, is subjective, personal thing and is not objective evidence of righteousness. Everyone can not only be offended, but pretend being offended or angry. Like everybody can lie, that they were abducted by aliens, in order to gain power over others. If someone can’t find convincing words and lose control over feelings and emotions and is blinded by desire to physically hurt others, such person should avoid conversations, where physical contact is possible. Internet Troll carrier is more suitable, until enlightenment through alien abductions and ass probes is achieved. Attempts to ban conversation by someone who is not mentally ready for it, instantly shows unreadiness for it and stupidity. Stupidity often damages not only fool’s image, but make dent in everyone, he is associated with. All group may be dismissed and treated as children or stupid animals because of that later. When it is acceptable for people to destroy opponents physically, against which they are not capable to win intellectually, usually, people destroy someone smarter than themselves. This converts countries with smart people into shitholes, ruled by and full of Neanderthals.

I don't want to be a monkey, I want to be created by God.

When God created you as human, I was only a monkey. Up to now, I've reached your level of development. I'm evolving and developing, while you are not. This leads to the conclusion, that after the same amount of years in the future, I will surpass you as much, as I was behind. And in comparison with me... you will be a monkey.

I feel sorry for you.

Here speaks the one with self-esteem so low, he needs to make up invisible, almighty and colossal friend for himself, who loves him.

I have not seen an electron. Why do I have to believe scientists that they exist?

You don't have to. However, you don't have to believe in operational television, radio, shining light bulb, and especially the fact, that you will shake a lot, if you will put two metal sticks in the electric socket, holding them at the ends with bare hands. Then, maybe, you will be convinced that electrons not only exist, but can move through your body materially and may even kill you. Science is not a religion. Of course, servants of God can lie, that science is just an illusion, created by authorities, and you can't verify scientific claims personally, like in Religion. But in Science you don't need to rely solely on faith. Science is based on reality, which you can actually touch, feel and see. Of course, sometimes, in order to be sure about scientific claims, you need to use very complex devices, but scientists often provide operating schemes of these devices publicly, for everyone to see, that there is no deception going on.

I want to punch you in the face. Maybe we could meet and exchange our views?

You can always exchange your views with Mike Tyson. We are sure, he will fill you with great ideas, and, after that, you will not see the world around you, as before... at least for a few weeks.

I will laugh in Heaven at you, when you will burn in Hell.

Christian love always exited us very deeply :).

If you believe without a doubt, that you can do something, you can do that.

It is very suitable to tell you one story from personal experience of one girl: “Imagine a glass door, clean and polished to absolute transparency, so you can't see the glass... So, you go through the open door, believing, that you will pass without any obstacles, just absolutely and without any doubt in faith, because door is open! And with all this firmest belief, you smash in the glass, which you didn't expect was there! I wonder, why I did go through it?”

Immigration and equality. How some ideas, brought to the extreme, fail.

One of the problems in capitalism is the same as in communism... people, who control rewarding mechanisms for achievements and results, abuse their power by distributing and setting reward sizes not for the best, but for themselves and their own. Such system negatively affects improvements and positive processes of Evolution.

Governments must monitor situation in their countries, so there is no extreme inequality in society, when owners of businesses receive millions, but their workers are starving and have no resources even for basic needs, like feeding brain with required amount of calories. This is bad for mental and economical state of the country. You can’t sell much to poor society and few billionaires don’t need much. People, who set salaries, abuse their power and there must be rules. For example, company owner's monthly salary can exceed statistical average salary of company's employees 10 times and not have an upper limit only, if all company's employees receive an hourly wage higher than the national average.

Extreme equality is also bad. Communism collapsed, because communist governments made everyone too equal. People, who strived, received almost the same salaries (rewards for their efforts) as those who did not. Individuals lost a lot of motivation to strive and improve because of that. This slowed down creativity and desire to test and invest in ideas. Why bother and waste resources, when all efforts have no adequate positive result, reward. Just sit and do nothing... you will save resources and will have the same life as those, who do not care about anything.

Don’t invite and share achievements of civilisation and society with those, who profit from destroying it. People who ruined their own countries will not fix yours.

Europe was slowly heading towards “heaven” on Earth with low crime and corruption rates. It seemed, that it figured out, like Japan, the recipe of peaceful and comfortable society. Of course, not without its own problems. Unfortunately, progress was interrupted by criminals, opportunists and delusional people, who thought, that everyone deserves everything, including those, who do not give a shit about building better society and thrive on destruction of it. Open borders begun. Together, with normal people, criminals from all the world, where human life means nothing, stealing, raping, corruption and short-sightedness is a national sport, flooded Europe. Naive new generation of Europe will learn the hard way realities of life, that if you invite everyone from the street in to your home to party... your inherited and built for centuries home, will be trashed and ruined quite fast.

Immigration, like equality-inequality, must be fine-tuned too. Immigrants come with statistics of their countries. If people come from countries with high corruption, crime rates and no respect for human life to country with low corruption, crime rates and respect for human life, target country will be affected negatively in those areas. This is not bad, if effect only slows down improvement and progress in target country (let’s, say, by 20%). Immigrants from less developed countries learn a lot personally from societies in developed countries and, usually, copy and transfer that experience to improve their own countries. Average effect on the world is positive because of that. Citizens of developed countries, who are building them, still will receive reward for their efforts (not all 100%, but 80%). This is enough to keep them motivated. If immigration from other countries not only slows down improvement, but makes situation significantly worse, local people lose their reward... and motivation to strive. That is why taxes don’t take all income, but only part from profit. It is good to share success, but activists and people in power should not build their own personal moral image and be extremely generous at the expense of others. People become angry and intolerant, when they see that. Imagination and feelings should not be in control over reality and facts. Stupid opinions, like infinite number of genders, or “Candy to everyone at the expense of others!”, should not be punished. Although, childish people, who scream the loudest and test boundaries, must be treated as children, not adults.

Deciding voice weight in different areas is directly related to responsibility size for those areas. Conflicts arise also, when people with view that men must take responsibility for the public and financial sectors, and women’s responsibility is limited to the family are invited to countries with equal rights and responsibilities between both sexes. Those people, in streets and governing positions, will seek (justice in their perception) for the opposite sex to lose its voice in areas for which it is not responsible. Western society must be prepared to come to terms with such culture-view or to learn modernize it effectively.

Scientists and sociologists must take statistical data of their own country and countries, where immigrants come from, and calculate precisely, how much their own country can take and how big slow down in quality of their own life people are ready to accept and pay for improvement of World’s global well-being. People, usually, are ready to help, until someone tries to rob them by taking more than they are willing to give away. After that, Cupid comes from the sky, shoots his arrow straight into everyone's heart... and desire to fuck that someone spreads like fire.

People, who see forgiveness and kindness as weakness to exploit, should be treated without them.

Young generation must be future and not slaves of old generation.

Why young generation is not reproducing? Ask billionaires and millionaires, why people, who work for them, can’t afford house and children even, if they work few jobs. You cannot make people your slaves and expect them to thrive. Like in the past, people at the top are smart enough to rob others in various refined ways, but not smart enough to understand, how such actions destroy their own environment. Short sited stupidity at the top creates gold castles in trashed wastelands, ruled by one-eyed kings.

Racism, ageism, sexism, etc..

Ability to predict the future is vital for survival. If information about individual exists, individual is judged individually, but if data about individual is missing, predictions will be made and based on previously collected statistical data, related to similar individuals (everything will be used, gender, race, age, etc.). Attempts to convince people not to judge someone, using statistical data, is fight against basic survival mechanism. The only way to improve, what people will think about you, before they will know you individually, is to behave well and ask others with similar properties (you can be associated through) to behave well too. Your and similar to you actions shape, how others will judge you and similar to you. It is insane to ask everyone to ignore statistical data of the past for future outcome calculations. People use statistical data to form decision not to gamble in casinos and lotteries, because those are statistically rigged to lose. If you are preparing to meet unknown female or polar bear, you can try to predict their behaviour and base preparations on statistical data about females and bears. You can make mistakes, but, usually, this will help both of you to spend time more pleasantly or survive. Of course, you are always free to approach any bear or female with empty mind on preferences and behaviours of statistical female or bear, because it is “sexism” or “speciesism” to assume something. In case of polar bear, don't forget to bring with you camera and to rub yourself with penguin fat. Also, try to remember, that for candies to fall out from bear's snout, you need to punch it very hard with your fist first.

Knowledge itself doesn't make us evil.

Doctors and psychologists know a lot about weaknesses of human body and mind. Does this knowledge make them evil? No. You can ignore reality with truth and suffer or try to accept and fix it. Knowledge and truth acceptance does not make us evil. It's what we do with that knowledge that matters.

Some, knowing that children are stupid, put school textbooks in their hands. Others, take advantage of their stupidity and try to swindle their parents’ bank card numbers. Some, seeing a person lying in an accident, try to pull him out from under a smoking car. Others grab and run off with his phone. Some, seeing an unconscious woman, try to revive her. Others take the opportunity to rape. Knowledge itself, that someone is more stupid or powerless, doesn’t make us bad. It's how we use this knowledge and treat people in vulnerable situations doeas. Some people do not distinguish knowledge from behaviour and think that knowledge about another's helpless situation is equally evil, because automatically leads to bad behaviour. Sometimes it leads, especially in very undeveloped countries, but in developed countries people more often use knowledge to help and fix situation.

Adults know that children are statistically not as smart as adults. Protecting children and not allowing their stupidity to harm themselves and others is normal behaviour. Abusing this stupidity, in order to exploit children, is bad behaviour. It is also not advisable to humiliate children by rubbing this fact into their faces. And it's a terrible idea, in the name of equality, to lower standards and accept children into positions, if they can't pass tests as adults. For example, only those, who can pass strict physical and psychological pilot tests, should be allowed to fly planes, regardless of age, gender or race. Otherwise... people will suffer and die, like in Aeroflot Flight 593.

Wokeism is modern day communism.

“Everyone must be equal” sounds good, but didn’t work, doesn’t work and will not work. Like communism, wild uncontrolled capitalism doesn’t work as well. There is balance somewhere in between extreme equality and inequality.

There are always people, who want to help, but don’t understand reality. Instead of helping, they are destroying things. These are the same people, who release river fish into oceans or drop tortoises into water without understanding subtle, but significant differences in life. People are different and groups of people are statistically different too. If you ignore reality, reality will destroy you with all your theories. It will drag all your followers with you to hell.

If you or your group have problems, don’t blame others, ASK FOR HELP. By blaming others for your problems, you will not solve your problems, only will show, that you don’t take responsibility for your own actions. That can explain also, why you have problems in the first place. Skin colour, gender, sexual orientation… is not something you achieve through hard work and effort. You receive these for free with birth. These are not talents. These things will not be respected and valued as much as personal or group achievements, regardless, if you are white or black, man or woman, straight or gay. These are group badges, which will give you positive or negative statistical associations even, if you, as individual, are very different from associated group. Skin colour, gender, sexual orientation will not be accepted as values on their own by majority. Your value in society is defined by what valuable you can give to others, and not by, for example, what sexual pleasures you enjoy giving yourself. Just because you like specific things in your ass – no one will be proud and respect you for that. Because this does not require skill, hard work and it is not an achievement. You can make approximate predictions, what to expect from person, who belongs to specific group, in order to be minimally prepared at least, if there is no individual data. People will always try to predict and prepare for future, by calculating various possible scenarios from every minimal data they have, individual and statistical. This is how brain works. If there are no individual data, group statics fills individual nothingness. Wokeism, trying to convince people not to use statistical data for predictions is pursuing dead end.

You will get not what you want, but what you aim for.

Companies, when hiring employers, prioritizing gender, race and sexual orientation over skills, required for the job, will get what they aim for. More diverse in gender, race and orientation, but less skilled teams, which will lose battles in areas, where skills are more important.

Woke priorities for a job:

1. Gender, if represented less.
2. Race, if represented less.
3. Sexual orientation, if represented less.
4. Skills.

Non-woke priorities for a job:

1. Skills.
2. Gender, if proved as better for the job.
3. Race, if proved as better for the job.
4. Sexual orientation, if proved as better for the job.

If minorities are less ready-skilled for the job, help them with education and training to reach higher skill levels. Do not take away jobs from skilled. If someone have weak legs to compete in marathon, it is stupid to break someone else’s legs or put obstacles in their track to achieve equality. Statistical differences exist between various groups and some of them are too big to ignore. People need to accept reality, if they want not to torture and destroy themselves and others. Like, physical strength between genders. Do not push small women into firefighters for the sake of representation, where someone's life depends on ability to carry bodies from fire. Your good, but ignorant intentions... will kill people, ruin lives and will damage reputation of the group, you are trying to help and push forward.

It is not race or gender war.

There are two main strategies in competition: “being better” than your competitor and “destruction” of your competitor. Destruction is more often chosen by stupid people, because their stupidity makes the “being better” option not achievable for them. That is why stupid politicians destroy their opponents by smearing them with lies or even killing them. Stupid companies pay stupid politicians to destroy competing companies. Stupid religions destroy alternative pleasures and joys for only dreams about Heaven to remain. Stupid people destroy friendships and hobbies of their spouses. This is their strategy to remain the only source of power and joy. The same thing is happening in the West. It is being destroyed by stupid outside powers and local idiots.

Immortality will strangle humanity in demographic crisis.

You can always save the world by killing yourself.

In order to talk about the Bible, you need at least for a few years to be a believer.

So, in order to talk about Heroin, you need at least for a few years to take this drug yourself. And medics with scientists, who are studding drugs, are not as good and knowledgeable in this field, as drug addicts?

Is science unable to solve such tasks as religion do?

There is no need to over-signify task, if you can't solve it yourself. Religion is knowledgeable about the world almost as much as a pig about oranges. Therefore it often raises conflicting and wrong questions and fails to answer them. For example: ”If God is all-powerful, can He make a stone so heavy He can't lift it?” (all-powerful attribute creates absurd) or “If only God was in the beginning and he was without evil, where evil come from?” (There is no other primal source of evil, except God, if God was only one source of everything). Because of imagination that Earth is flat, people tried to solve unsolvable question for centuries: “Where is the edge of Earth, from which you can to fall down?” God itself can be invisible, but if He has any influence on material world, science would be able see God easily through this influence indirectly. Yes, Science can see “invisible” things easily, if they have impact on material world. Look for information in popular psychology, astronomy, biology, physics literature and encyclopedias and you will find many answers you're looking for. Don't rely only on literature, written by servants of God.

Jesus died for you.

I'm sorry to hear that your god is dead.

Jesus loves you.

So why he never calls?

Knowledge leads to dead end: "I know that I know nothing." Socrates.

It is understandable, what author wanted to say, but he made logical inaccuracy and mistake - beginning of the sentence contradicts its own end. We are sure, that Socrates knew more than only, how to generate one sentence, expressing his wrong knowledge that he “knew nothing”. With this phrase he gave opportunity to all ignorant vegetables to stick a sticker on their own foreheads - "I am Socrates". He could say... more logical and precise examples:

“I know that I know almost nothing in comparison to… ”
"My knowledge is very small, compared to the amount of information in the world."
"Acquired knowledge raises more new questions than gives answers."

People believe, hence not for nothing. Therefore, something exists.

Faith doesn't create facts. Children believe in the magical Santa Claus, surrounded by elfs, also. Do they exist?

People use only 10% of the brain...

Yes, credulous people, apparently, and use only this much. And bunch of swindlers grabbed this exotic nonsense and make piles of money now, by helping fools to “turn on” the remaining 90%. This rumor may have been started with misinterpretation of the work of Pierre Flourens in the 1800s. More about it here ...

People, who break 10 Commandments, are not Christians.

Then God is not a Christian too. He personally lied, stole, killed... violated almost all of His main laws in the Bible. Similar issue arises, when a citizen violates the law of the state. Does the state have to deprive him of his citizenship? Is this not shaking responsibility off? Maybe citizens of the state need to think about, why it happened, and to offer a solution? If Christians are people, who didn't break the 10 Commandments... there are no such thing, as Christians.

Perfect and perfectly balanced world reflects God's beauty, as creator.

This is why animals are designed in such a way, that, in order to survive, they are forced to eat each other? This is why we have cold winters, earthquakes, worms, mosquitoes, cancer and other disasters? The world is maybe complex, but it is far from perfect. Science, which doesn't recognize God, provide us technologies, which gives us more food and liberate humanity from starving, cures cruel diseases. Genetics can make it possible to create growing proteins and other fats, so people will not need to slaughter animals. Fixing “God's creative mistakes” with knowledge and science... that's where beauty is.

Price of Democracy (and COVID-19 pandemic)

Price of freedom means that people are also free to make stupid decisions. Wrong decisions result in decreased chances of survival. It should be fine as long as people understand and agree with this price. Remember joke: “Just remove warning labels to rid the world of stupid people”? This is quite similar, how Natural Selection works i.e., rids the world of people, who ignore warnings and make wrong decisions. Democratic government must fulfil will of the people and do everything to make sure that citizens have as much of easy to understand information as possible to make informed decisions. Government should help reach a compromise between opposing sides. Natural Selection will do the rest.

Psychic have scientific instruments, which measure auras.

Yes, scientific instruments, which measure conductance of asshole in highly scientific process of contraction and squeezing. These devices measure and record absolutely different things or nothing at all, than mediums are talking about. For example, they construct device, which creates map of human thermal emissions, and say that it displays some kind of aura. We all can take blood pressure measuring device, put it into box with blinking diodes and say, that it is human's soul strength meter.

Religion can explain, how Universe originated.

Chukchi shaman can explain about origins of Universe too. He can sing and even play with his drum during process, though his version lack factual evidences and common sense as well.

Science contradicts its own old truths constantly (e.g. quantum mechanics).

This religious “rumor”, is repeated by religious fanatics constantly, because some of them mistakenly perceive situation, when scientists, after extending research area (territory), sometimes, are faced with new circumstances and old formulas don't give correct forecasts or required precision. This leads to new or improved scientific theories, which does not deny, but most frequently complemented the old ones.

E.g.: quantum mechanics didn't deny, neither Newton nor Einstein's theory. The theory is true until, under certain conditions, formula, which describes it, gives correct predictions. Apple fell from a tree with a 9.8 m/s, acceleration in the past, and fall at the same speed now. Of course, this law does not work in space. However, Einstein's formula works well on great cosmic distances. Formula of quantum mechanics is correct at very small distances and “M-theory” combines them all into one unified hypothesis of the Universe.

To say, that Einstein's theory (E=mc²) contradicts or disproves Newtonian theory (F=ma), it's like to say, that discovery of microscope contradicts and disproves telescope. They are both complementary and are intended to monitor or measure different objects/events in different conditions.

Science has proven, that woman can get pregnant innocently.

Yes. But in that case, Jesus had to be a woman, as he could inherit only female “gender chromosome” set. Or, maybe, virgin Mary was some pseudo-man-hermaphrodite?

Normal women has XX chromosome pair. Normal man has XY. Man is born, if woman's egg with X chromosome merges with man's sperm Y chromosome. Woman is born, if woman's egg with X chromosome merges with man's sperm X chromosome.

It seems, that something more earthy was inserted into Mary, to make her pregnant, if she existed at all. “God” version was very handy in order to keep a good name. This was especially attractive, because environment was full of mysticism's fans, who immediately knelt on the their knees, after hearing breathtaking story, and were tended to kill anybody by stoning, who had sex outside the marriage, like Mary, obviously, did.

The Bible is God's words, but interpreted through minds of people of that time.

Let's make an experiment: Let's take a book with Einstein's theory of relativity. I will play God. Let's find a 10 year old child, and give him paper with pencil. He will be our prophet. His mental level will correspond to the mental level of prophet 2000 years ago. Now I will dictate Einstein's formula to him: “Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared.” The child understood nothing, but wrote down correctly. So how it is so, that so smart God (smarter even than Einstein) was so stupid that He failed to convey His words properly to the prophets, so it would clear 1000-2000 years later? The Bible was written by people, whose mental level and writing don't imply “divine” dictation at all.

There are many eyewitnesses of Jesus.

There are many eyewitnesses, who were abducted by aliens as well. Maybe Jesus didn't fly into the sky with all his body at the end of his life as God, but was abducted by aliens as ordinary human?

There are plenty evidences of God's existence, but science is hiding them.

Damn! You figured everything out and we... must admit everything now. Yes, science created powerful and secret deal against God with FBI, KGB, MI6, DGSE and all the treacherous aliens in the galaxy with Satan himself as our leader. Therefore, it is very hard for Christianity, which have only over 2 billion followers on Earth and grabbing billions of dollars, to dedicate their funds to their own scientific researches. Moreover, Christianity, which owns hundreds of local and satellite television channels, can't announce results of these researches with evidences. Researches could be done at leasts in the capital of Christianity... Vatican. As this isn't happening... now you know, that even Pope himself is involved in this global conspiracy against God. After all, there are only about 90% of believers in America. You can't do much in such disadvantageous situation.

Wealth despiritualize people and makes them callous.

It is not completely true. Tests shown, that even small amount of money can change people's moods, feelings, and behaviour in a good direction. Here is excerpt from article by psychologists Gediminas Navaitis about experiment with 50 cents:

“A passer-by walks into phone booth and finds 50 cents in it. After calling, he opens the door and runs into passing woman, who drops papers out of her hands. 9 out of 10 helped her. Among people, who didn't find 50 cents, only 4 out of 10 helped.”

This situation clearly demonstrates, that money can change people and not only in negative directions. When there is not enough resources, tension grows and people start to compete with each other for resources to survive. Fewer resources means fiercer fight. This leads to despiritualization and callous confrontations. When people have enough resources to live decent lives (and to give some resources away), this tension declines and people become more calm and generous to others. Of course, there are always people, who have no limits in greediness, but it is not the money, which made them this way. You can't blame bread, if someone is constantly hungry. And there are situations as well, when people climb on top of the mountain and use that opportunity to spit on people below. But it is not mountains' fault... although we can blame it... it is easy thing to do, because it will not argue with us.

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

1. According to Christianity, egg appeared first... even two eggs, which were owned by Adam. God created chick later, better known to us as Eve.

2. Dinosaurs used eggs long before chickens.

3. According to science, they appeared at the same time as breeding method evolved from dividing into egg-laying. First primitive forms of life multiplied by dividing (“cloning”) themselves (such forms exist up till now). Later, this division became more like giving birth (when “offspring” came out of “parent”). Some time later, nascent “offspring” became coated with membrane. Gradually, this membrane hardened and turned into a shell - egg.

What are most important values?

These are values that people have devoted special sectors to support. These values are so universal and fundamental that you can apply them to entities of varying complexity (plants, animals, people, families, teams, companies, countries, etc.):

Survival. The dead cannot set goals. Choose actions that increase your chances of survival and survival of others. The Health and Social Insurance sector is responsible for maintaining this value.

Freedom. Slaves are forced to serve someone else's purposes. Create a free society to achieve your goals. The Democratic Government is responsible for maintaining this value.

Fairness. Unfair exchanges will drain your resources and make it harder to achieve your goals. Build a just society to get a fair reward for your contribution. The Justice and Law Enforcement sector is responsible for maintaining this value.

Evolution. Non-evolving repeats the same goals. Evolve to set new and better goals. The Education and Science sector is responsible for maintaining this value.

Medicine, business, law and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) professions are very closely related to these values.

What is Chapayev's constant (ChC)?

This is a very unique constant, named after Russian revolutionary and anecdote character Vasily Chapayev. This constant is unique, in that its value is never known, variable and depends on the situation. Equations with this constant is as follows: The desired answer is determined first, then the equation can be multiplied (divided, subtracted etc.) by the constant. It is universal and suitable for any calculations. It looks, like this:

equation [±/×/÷] ChC = desired_answer

For example: if you need 2+2+ChC=4, or if you need 2+2+ChC=5, or 2+2+ChC=bucket. Mathematicians can create more complex formulas like (x² + y²) x ChC = Pi² and so on.

What is life?

There are are no fundamental differences between “lifeless” and “living”. There are elementary and complex compounds, both composed from the same “lifeless” matter. We call “living” those compounds, which complexity of the structure goes beyond subjective boundary, determined by us (humans). Scientists have agreed with each other, that viruses are sufficiently complex, to be called the most primitive form of life. This boundary between “lifeless” and “living” was drawn on the polio virus, which is one of the simplest viruses. In reality, the virus is only a large molecule.

Breath taking CGI on screen (if you will look closer) are formed from combinations of only 255 intensity levels of 3 colours (red, green, blue). Individual parts of „living” compound have different functions and, by interacting with each other, these parts form one whole and complex “living” body. Human body is like city, where builders, policemen, fire-fighters, doctors, work each on their own and sometimes may interact with each other in simple manner, but combination of their work results in maintaining this complex city quite functional and it doesn't fall apart so easily, if challenged by outside threat. All interactions inside are ruled by the laws of physics (elementary “logic”) and were formed by Evolution. The more complex and active interactions are inside, the more “intelligent” and “living” compound is. The more primitive compound is, the more "lifeless" it is. The Universe itself can be seen as colossal living organism, and we are small part of it.

What is more important and valuable – citizen or state?

It's similar to question: “What is more important and valuable – brick or house?”
Here's the answer: More important is citizen, more valuable is state.

Why citizen is more important? To understand this, you need to know, what happened during evolution, and what was made from what. Evolution of these compounds were in these steps:

elementary particle > molecule > cell > organism > man > family > state > union of states > ...

“Man” is building block of “state”. People can survive without state, but state without people can't.

Why state is more valuable? Because each next compound requires more effort, time and resources to form (evolve). Building a house needs more effort. Therefore, it is more valuable than the same amount of bricks.

Many theorists do not realize this simple truth, which exists for about 12 billion years, and lost in endless disputes. Many revoke freedoms and interests of the most important building blocks (citizens) for the sake of preservation of valuable compound (state), and do not understand, why building blocks, instead of gluing to each other, suddenly starts to push and break down the system. Because, if you will not care about bricks and foundations, the house will collapse. Wrong understanding of the world often leads to catastrophic consequences (like collapsing of the state). People create ant maintain states on voluntary basis, in order to get more benefits from cooperation. People will resist serving state interests, if their freedoms will be restricted and abstract state interests will be raised over personal interests. People will lose desire to build and maintain such state and, even, can go against it. That's why state must base oneself primarily on personal freedoms and voluntarisms, which strengthens desire of building blocks (citizens) to maintain and strengthen the system (state) they are part of.

What is subconsciousness?

Subconsciousness is not magic and miracles. It is part of our brain, where information collection, systematisation and processing, invisible to consciousness, takes place and only results are presented to consciousness. If errors appear in subconsciousness’ data or data processing formulas, distorting results in a way that they do not match reality, consciousness is not warned about that. Therefore, results, provided by subconsciousness, must be constantly checked with process of conscious thinking and comparing them with reality. We call results, coming from subconsciousness, “intuition”, “instincts”. We act “intuitively”, “instinctively” when it comes to making decisions quickly, without wasting time on conscious thinking. Speed has advantages in some situations and overweights risk of making mistake by not measuring something 10 times before cutting. For example, a lot of those who pondered long, when stone fell from above on their head, did not survive. Nor did survive a lot of those, who had not thought 10 times about their physical abilities and how much dynamite’s wire to cut, in order to be able to escape from the mine, after their “intuition” suggested too optimistic length to their consciousness. Consciousness and subconscious are related and influence each other. Person with weak conscious thinking may not be bothered or simply incapable to check and correct information, coming from subconsciousness. This may lead to consciousness and subconsciousness making more and more mistakes. Unchecked mistakes can lead to “rolling down snowball” effect, ending up in a devastating avalanche. Statistical correctness of “intuitive” predictions of people are usually on the same level as their ability to think and make correct decisions consciously. To supervise and explain, what is happening in subconsciousness, requires abilities to think logically and untangle mental subtleties of oneself and others. If we can’t comprehend, which information and logical formulas shape our minds in our brain, we cannot understand and explain actions and thoughts, triggering those actions. For example, person knows that, during difficult moments in life, he relaxes better in bed, warmly covered and formed his body in a “ball” shape. Finger may be inserted into mouth for greater effect. Until he doesn’t know, why he is lying in bed, like a ball, and suck his finger in order to relax emotionally, his action comes “from subconsciousness" But, as he begins to realize, that desire for this comes from the fact that he was once safe in his childhood, in his mother’s belly, and now he wants to isolate himself from the world and rest by “simulating” the same baby in belly, that his mother reliably protected... when he has clear understanding, why he is doing so, his action can be considered “conscious”. World is full of mystifiers, telling various fairy tales about hidden and unused enormous subconscious amounts or empty spaces, making up to 90% of our brain. Of course, there are “empty” spaces in human head. But this “empty” space is not without purpose. Unoccupied by information-data space in brain is needed also… to manipulate already accumulated knowledge. You can try to leave 0 MB of space on your computer... on disk and on RAM, and observe, how fast it will become imbecile on brakes. LED light on the case can heat up and outshine the Sun, but you will not get any result from even fastest computer, until it will eventually freeze. There is even life simulating game. Life stops moving and dies, when it fills space 100%. There is no place to move any electron ... get stuck and amen. You can also fill jar to it’s top with pellets and shake. Movement, like thinking, requires space.

What is the meaning of life?

At this point, it seems, there is no „Grand Meaning“ in the Universe. But we are able to set our own goals and try to reach them. If we reach our goals, then we can claim, that we lived meaningful life.

We call meaningful those efforts and actions, which brings us closer to our goals. We personally believe, that meaningful is to explore the World in which we are living. When we will have good knowledge about the Universe, it will not only help us to adapt our surroundings to our needs, but, maybe, then we will be able to clarify better, whether “Great Meaning“ exists or not. And if there is one, what it is.

Smart people with good imagination can create goals and meanings for themselves. For dumb people with poor imagination, goals and meanings can be created (and imposed) by others. Usually, goals and meanings serve their creators, and not the people, on whom they are imposed.

The world was always full of people, who loved to live on account of others, by spreading fantasies. In exchange for wealth and obedience today, they are promising to give something fictitious (like Paradise) or to protect from something fictitious (like Hell) in distant future.

Religious authorities set goal to get into Paradise. And, of course, they explain to everyone, what actions are meaningful and what are not in reaching this goal. In this Paradise reaching process, religious authorities made up few intermediate objectives and declared them as having the highest moral value... protecting, obeying and serving to “representatives” of these gods on Earth. They claim, that God will reward for that in Paradise hundredfold times more. So people bring them money, sausages, vote for recommended politicians. Of course God will reward for that... you just need to die... and after that... good luck in getting and enjoying your reward.

Of course, religious authorities had one major problem - people had hard time in believing this sometimes, demanded evidence for the story. The solution was found - to convince everyone, that blind faith without evidences is the highest value between all values, and disbelief is a sin, that must be punished. It is how Christianity and other religions emerged and are “milking” real resources from obedient sheep, for what they will never get in return (imaginary rewards) still.

What will I lose, if I will reject science?

First of all, 55 years of life, because, without help of science, people live on average about 25 years. Now, look around. You will lose almost everything you see.

What will you say to God, if you will meet Him after death?

God tortured and killed people and other life forms in the Bible on mass scale, even children, like some mentally unstable psychopath. But at some point in history, God disappeared (especially this is noticeable with invention of video and audio recording devices). Maybe, our God was put down and locked in some 'divine mental hospital' by other gods. While keeping safe distance, I would ask Him “Do you regret for what you did, or do you want to go on mass torturing and killing sprees still?”

When fantasies become lies?

When someone tries to sell fantasies as reality.

In order to create, invent something new, people must be able to create in their brains virtual models of something, that does not exist in reality.

Fictionists present and sell fantasies as... fantasies and honest entertainment. They are not hiding that these are fantasies and, usually, leave obvious clues indicating that. Such creators play by official rules of society. Examples: J.R.R.Tolkien with “The Lord of the Rings”, Stan Lee with “Marvel Universe”, George Lucas with “Star Wars”.

Liars present and sell fantasies as... something real. They cheat, rob, exploit people and their game is dirty. Liars don’t play by official rules of society. Examples: religions with “gods” and “heavens” or politicians Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko with their dictatorships and “bright future” fantasies as promises.

Where can I find detailed analysis and contradictions of the Bible?

Where can I find detailed analysis and contradictions of the Quran?

Why are the laws of physics the way they are?

Scientists don't have certain answer at current moment, but there are various hypotheses. One of them was expressed by Charles Sanders Peirce in 1893: "The progress of science would advance to the point, where the problem become not WHAT are the laws, but WHY these laws. The only rational way of accounting for why these laws, rather than other laws, is if the laws themselves are the result of the process of evolution." Or in other words… complex laws of today formed from elementary parts and, during process of Evolution of laws, more fragile and unstable physical laws did not survive and were pushed out by laws in which we are living today.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Did it run to the church? Probably, there are millions of reasons, but none of them with “divine” origin, even if chicken was very religious.

Why do you acknowledge “The Big Bang” theory, instead of “Divine Creation”?

Because we have not heard about how the Church conducted detailed investigations of the Universe or supported any NASA's space exploration program. Why would you believe in claims about Universe in the past by people, who even don't know and have no interest in how it works now?

Was Muhammad a pedophile?

Muhammad (570-632), the founder of the Islamic religion, married his wife Aisha (613-678) in 619, when she was 6 years old. He engaged in sex with her, when she was 9 years old. At that time Mohammed was 52 years old. Muslims claim, that she was mature already, despite the fact, that their religious sources say, that she still played with dolls. You can do conclusions for yourself.

Why birth rates in developed countries are low?

People earn higher wages in developed countries, but raising a child costs more. For example: if 30% of family income is needed to support one family member (in developed country), family can afford only 3 members (father, mother and 1 child). If 20% of family income is sufficient to support one family member (in undeveloped country), family can afford 5 members (father, mother and 3 children). Only +10% difference needed to support family member can reduce number of children from 3 to 1. The job of good government is to create system so that family income (including salaries) is enough to raise 2-3 children. However, in many countries, interconnected political and business elites currently are more dominated by idea to squeeze country's population as much as possible and compensate low birth rates by importing people from undeveloped countries.

Why life can form out of chaos?

Elementary laws of physics are such, that even from “chaos” (scattered elementary particles of matter) compounds are formed without any additional intervention. It seems, that life is an inevitable stage of (complexity) evolution. For example, beautiful snowflakes can form, like you can see in the photography by Patricia Rasmussen (2002). Photography on the right is real and, if you don't believe, you can catch the same kind of a snowflake and put it under a microscope yourself.

Why religions are popular?

Religions are profitable for some groups of people and have few desirable attributes:

God gifted the entire World to his followers of greedy people.

From that moment His followers can think that they have “lawful” right to go and take what “belongs” to them. Humans invented “higher authority” (gods-puppets, “real” property owners), whose word are higher in priority and authority than words of any human... even king. Holy scriptures are “ownership documents” which people wrote to themselves in the name of these “higher authority gods” and gifted everything, what they wanted, to themselves. Why “God gifted all World”? If someone else gives you something as a gift, it doesn’t look so bad and greedy, as you took it by yourself. Also, you are not responsible for such decision - for responsibility you have imaginary authority behind your back - you can pile up on Him as much your own responsibility as you want - he will not resist to that... as he does not exist.

All people are debtors and must repay their debt.
Debt is collected by self-proclaimed accountants of God.

Later, some even greedier people (priests, pope etc.) usurped status of god's representatives on earth inside these groups and imposed tax for what was previously a free “gift” for the rest of society. They invented even more things, for which ordinary people must pay to God, of course, through representatives of these gods. God gives us world, life, love... everything... and not for free now. “Representatives” announced that all people are debtors and persuaded that they are. Religion is teaching, how to make everyone feel indebted to God and that our payments are much smaller than what God gives to us. We must pay to God for our sins also. So, as even your birth is through sin – we are in debt, just because we are born. If someone gives you something... you are debtor... and must return equally. Church will help you to return your debt to God as it is God’s debt collecting filial on the Earth.

Church is trying to collect money not just for past, but for the future too.

Church work as Insurance Company, which collects money, when you alive, for promises to care about you, after you will die in accident called “death”. What is the difference between standard insurance company and Church? You will never take your money back, because... you will be dead. Also, Church is like Estate Company, which sells lands on non existing beach... Heaven (these lands exists just on promotional flyers)... for real money. Good thing for Church - they have INFINITE amount of fictional land to sell.


Status is important in society as it has some advantages. Having president as a friend can increase status and behaviour of other people with you. Demonstration of real or imaginery status starts even from kinder garden, during conflicts between children.

Kid A: “My dad is director of big company and he will rip your head of!”.
Kid B: “My dad is boxer and he will beat shit out of you, your dad and your mum!”

Usually dads never show up to beat shit of each other and to roll on the ground in front of all children. Who has stronger backup (real or imaginary... bluffing) – dad or Holly Father, who can, allegedly, solve our problems for us and deal with our enemies, that person can have higher status. Even some frogs inflate themselves to appear more threat-full. Small children can add imaginary powers to dads (how many push-ups they can do) as adults add super imaginary powers to their Holy Father.

Image: Cartman and Cthulhu (or Pope and Yahweh).

There is one study, where the same areas of brains light up, when people speak about “What God wants” and when they speak about what they want themselves.

Who could deny that?...

...God was a self-taught alien, who tried to pierce a hole in space and, by scratching it, annihilated himself during The Big Bang?


Brains and Imagination

Humans create virtual word in their brains - copy of real word from fragments of real word. This data is gathered by all material senses. Humans can’t store full copy of real word in their brains. Brains are too small for that. Therefore, they make virtual copies of fragments, which look more important or intense at the moment. Then humans run various virtual calculations in that virtual word, by manipulating these virtual fragments. Incomplete data can lead to miscalculations. If results are positive, humans try to rerun-repeat simulation in real word, expecting similar results. Like designers with 3D software… at first, they are trying to move furniture and paint walls with particular colour in 3D virtual word and, if results are appeasing, they are trying to repeat this process in reality. This is how humans solve their problems. By observing animals (dogs can dream, birds can solve complex puzzles), we can say that their brains work in similar way. Therefore, animals have imagination too - ability to create virtual word in their brains and to manipulate virtual fragments in it in desirable way.

Usually we make virtual copies of things in our brain with their attributes from reality. For example, attribute of very big stone is heavy and solid. Therefore, in our dreams, when we sleep, we usually can’t push, lift or squeeze (like marshmallow) big stones too, as we can’t do this in reality. We can't control whole situations in our dreams, as we can’t control similar situations in reality. It is why you can't sleep with Claudia Schiffer or Tom Cruise every night even in your dreams :). However, this has good side too - when people create virtual situations in which they are trying to solve real problems, people think more realistically and in their virtual solutions do not stray far away from reality with unrealistic and non-existent rules of the world. Results in virtual situations (thoughts or dreams), where is no gravity, will differ from results in similar real world's situation with gravity and can be pointless waste of time and even dangerous in solving real problems. For example: during running from killer in virtual situation, you can jump from skyscraper's roof and fly away, but in reality this solution will not work so well. You will fly away too, but not in the same direction as you can expect from virtual simulation.

Something can’t come from nothing. All new ideas, born in our brains, is just new combinations of already exiting virtual fragments and their attributes (colours, shapes, weight, etc.), copied from reality. For example, we saw this in reality...

From memorized virtual fragments we can create "new" object-combination in our virtual world (in our brain) like this...

In our dreams, during sleep time, fragment search and check mechanism doesn’t work so well as in conscious state. Therefore, if brain has human body fragment with preeminent "rosy" attribute and wants to attach head, it can search for "head" in memory archive and take first one, it finds, with the same matching "rosy" attribute, ignoring other attributes that doesn’t match the body it should go on. You can end up attaching rosy pig’s head to human torso. Especially, if you saw movie about pigs and there were a lot of scenes of pig heads... that promoted pig heads in archive’s head collection. If you saw impressive spider yesterday and look at him and he look at you, you can attach spider eyes to that head. Maybe you sat on freshly painted bench and smudge your pants with green colour or someone else did... result can be like this.

"Out of body" experience.

When people sleep, close and distant sounds in reality can influence their dreams. For example, body can hear distant sound of train and running train can instantly appear in dream. If person strangle blood flow in his legs with uncomfortable position, he can start having problems with walking in dream also. If some person talks near sleeper, this talking person can appear in sleeper’s dream also.

Similar thing, as in dream, can happen, when person loses consciousness and some senses in car accident. Like, vision shuts down, but other senses remain active (sound through ears, touch through skin, vestibular apparatus, etc.). Person can't see what's actually going on around him, but his brain still works - gathers information and tries to create virtual environment in brains and to place his owner in it. From active senses person can determine his own position and movement in space, how many people are around him and what they are talking and doing. From echo of sounds he can determine size of the room. Sometimes virtual copy in brains can be very close to real environment. After people wake up, they can claim, that they were outside of their body, flew around and "saw" what was happening to them. But, actually, they flew just in their virtual word - inside their brains.

Imaginary Heroes

If you feel uncomfortable in the dark after scary movie, you know that sometimes you can feel REAL fear from IMAGINARY fantasies. People are not capable to separate real things from imaginary precisely in their brains. After viewing movie "Rise of the Dead“, you can have problem to fall into sleep in your old grandmother’s house, concerning about waking up from juicy champing, with her dental prosthesis in your head :).

When you feel real fear from imaginary visions-fantasies, sometimes you are ready to pay real money to rid of them. Therefore, to gain real money, some people... politics or priests are trying to create imaginary problems and fears, install them in society and pronounce themselves as "savours". They create real heaven for themselves by promising imaginary heaven or Heaven for others (sometimes after death). "Give me your money now! Want something in return? No problem - Die!"

Using our incapability to separate imaginary things from real precisely in our brains, show business (as Hollywood) offers us many emotional attractions. Dishonest people use this weakness too. Religion sells imaginary lands in Heaven. Homeopathy sells imaginary drugs. Mediums sell imaginary powers. Politics sells their imaginary abilities to give prosperity for everyone and scary us with imaginary dangers which they can "defeat" and "protect us" from - we just need to elect them and we all will be saved.

In peaceful and calm times, without big problems, there is no need in big heroes. In such times they mostly exist in movies with their imaginary problems and imaginary solutions. It is hard to be real hero. You must give to society something really useful and GREAT. Or you can invent imaginary, but real-looking GIANT problem (like Sadam's nuclear arsenal) at small cost ...because it is imaginary, under which you will be able to unite people and make yourself leader of the crowds, which will carry you on hands with respect as a self-proclaimed saviour. There always will be "heroes" who will try to install fear and defend us form imaginary problems. Sometimes these imaginary problems, existing just in brains, evolve and create real problems. So it is always good to have ability to separate what is real and what is imaginary, who is real hero and who is just trying to pretend being one. Believing without evidences is fertilizer for fake heroes.

Many human-self-wroted "holy" scriptures claim that imaginary God gifted all real world to His followers to rule over it. Then followers are going and taking from others everything what is "rightly belong and given to them" by higher authority - God.

Some people know that they are lying to others and some really believe in their own lies. They feel really righteous in their own actions and beliefs, inspired by imaginary visions. Because they can't separate real from imaginary and line between is blurred... it is hard to discus with them rationally. To believe in self-righteous they don't need logic or facts from reality. All they need is just to imagine that they are right.


Matter and “Immaterial Creator”

Do really material things prove existence of immaterial creator?

All examples, presented by believers... explosions, shirts, cars, dictionaries, DNA, ripples, “John loves Marry” writings on sand... are created from matter with material tools by material creators/causes, who/which are part of matter itself. This doesn't prove immaterial God, but creative abilities of matter itself. Religious people remove creativity from matter and then invoke immaterial God to fill, what they removed.

Sometimes, believers are trying to prove existence of immaterial God (Creator) by using examples in which something material was created from matter by material creator (like... human) with material tools in material World. Like in example with “Watch and watchmaker”:

“You are walking and see watch in the sand. It is not possible that this watch appeared accidentally by exploding from something (sometimes believers use “exploding nothing”). So, you understand, that this watch has creator-watchmaker. This means, that everything has his own creator, including our world.”

Believers are missing few main points in such examples:

1. Scientist never said that in “Big Bang” theory... exploded absolutely nothing – it is absurd fantasy made up by believers. Main law of energy/matter says, that energy/matter (something) can not appear from nothing and disappear to nothing. It (something) just change its forms. This means that material Word WAS NOT created or appeared from nothing, but existed and will exist forever. Changed and will change just material forms, of whats existed already.

2. Watch didn’t appear instantly or after exploding of something or nothing. Between material “Big Bang” event and final version of material watch, lying on the beach, was long process of evolution. Until material watch was created from matter by material creator, passed milliards of years (~14) of material human evolution, until material humans evolved to ability create material watches. Every bolt, gearwheel and other parts, forms, joining combinations had their own long evolution - from primitive and simple to complex. Even thinking in brains (where idea of watch born) is material process - thinking and memories are material based too. Humans can create new combinations ("drafts"-ideas) in their head-brains (material information carrier)... from fragments of already stored information-knowledge (copied into brain from real word), like from mosaic stones. Then, they can transfer that onto paper or other material information carrier or even try to create three dimensional model, outside their brain. Watch was not created-combined instantly. It started from stick, stuck in sand one sunny day (or, maybe, even simpler event took place at first). Later, humans learned how to melt metal, produce glass, count to 24/60 and etc. This LONG and material process does not have anything in common with immaterial gods and instant appearance from nothing or creation from explosions and chaos. Orderly forms appear gradually, obeying elementary laws of physics (between which are not just pushing, but pulling force too. Elementary laws of physics, may had their own evolution, during which, some of them didn't survived, because they were pushed out of existence by current laws.). Human - material creator of material watch is part of matter.

3. Just because you born TODAY and found something, already formed by material Nature or its material moving parts (like humans) before your birth… that does not mean, that it was created instantly, accidentally or by God. It was just You, who saw it accidentally and instantly TODAY.

4. Evolution is not just accidental (random) mutations, but non-accidental (non-random) selection too – believers deliberately ignore this second part often. Sometimes, watch is compared with live organisms... but watch is not living organism and does not evolve through procreation and random mutations. Although, material humans are responsible for survival of the watches, by putting them through non-accidental selection of the “fittest”.

Everything, what’s happening, obeys known and still some unknown laws of physics. If we could monitor every atom (or even elementary particle) in our galaxy and had virtual copy of all our galaxy in some super computer, with possibility to calculate future interactions of each atom (or even elementary particle) on the basis of its current movement, we could predict precisely, when and where... each leaf of each tree on Earth will fall. “Random” event only means, that we don't have enough detailed information and calculating power to monitor, what's exactly causing particular event on atomic or subatomic level.

Examples with material objects, like watches, cars, paintings or writings in the sand, created from matter by material creators does not and cannot prove immaterial God (Creator) and His existence. They prove, that potential of creativity and capability to change itself lays in matter itself... but not in gods, who are also creations of matter (material creators - humans), manifested in material information carries, like brains, books, computer discs, video screens, etc..

Creativity is part of matter and does not need divine intervention or source. You don’t have to be God to create. Mater can do this, when parts of it interact between each other.

Attempts to prove invisible-immaterial with visible-material.

Sometimes, to prove their invisible God, believers use examples with wind or electricity, which, according to believers, are “invisible” as their God. But wind and electricity are material motion of material particles (atoms and electrons). Therefore scientists can measure speed or strengthens of wind and electricity with material devices. We can not see atoms and electrons with naked eye, but we can easily detect them with other material body sensors. We can see existing objects not just directly, but indirectly too, through their material influence on material environment… seeing, how wind rips-off building's roof or blows our hair. You can detect existence of electricity simply by putting two material fingers in material power socket. Eyes are not only one material sensor, which can detect material events, like wind or electricity. Material wind and electricity, easily detectable-"visible" by everybody’s material body sensors, does not have anything in common with invisible and immaterial God. Real material fear of imaginary monsters under your bed or imaginary god in the sky, which exist only in your brain and similar information carriers, like books or movies on screens, is not the same, as fear of electricity in your wall or tornadoes in your backyard. Real material feelings are triggered by material information (specific matter arrangements and movements) in your brain. The problem is, that this information in your brain can be based on... existing or imaginary. For example... on picture of the lion (existing or existed animal)... or on realistically looking, but imaginary, picture of some monster (which can be even partly based on lion). Your brain can't always tell (because it doesn't have additional information about source of these various images) - is this copy of existing, or is this copy of someone's else (or even your own) fantasy.

Growing crystals, stalactites and stalagmites, snowflakes, corals, shows us, that creation of objects does not need immaterial divine gluing hands and tools. All that work can be done by matter and simple physical laws itself. "immaterial God", which lives just in human imagination, is material "drawing" in brains. Nature can create complex and orderly forms itself. People cannot understand, how simple things in Nature can form and build complex structures and therefore invent complex, invisible and immaterial Gods (Creators) and give Them all Nature's merits and powers. Physical laws force simple elementary particles join and evolve to complex combinations, until these combinations (for example humans) gradually are capable to create their own new combinations in shorter time. And all this are not outside of matter... it is matter in motion.

All living organisms are direct and living evidence of abiogenesis – all living organisms are composed from „lifeless" particles. Like watch... God (super complex “perfect” beeing), Who interacts with matter and creates material things much simpler, than himself, cannot appear from nothing. In nothingness there is also ...nothing... to initiate-begin-start-cause process of appearance, creation or transformation to something. If there is something like God, it must be part of material World and could not appear in other way, as just after long lasting evolution from simple to complex. With claims, that everything must have creator, religion puts itself in contradiction. Who created God then? It would be more precisely to say that everything is outcome of some cause (previous event) and that cause is absolutely not divine. How God is described in the Bible, with His emotions and doubts, how He don’t know everything and must ask others, God is clear copy of human. In the Bible, people can even change God’s mind in debates and defeat Him in primitive fist fight.

Genesis 32:24-26 Then Jacob was left alone; and a Man wrestled with him until the breaking of day. 25 Now when He saw that He did not prevail against him, He touched the socket of his hip; and the socket of Jacob’s hip was out of joint as He wrestled with him. 26 And He said, “Let Me go, for the day breaks.” But he said, “I will not let You go unless You bless me!”

It is obvious, that writers of the Bible were not very smart ant created God in their own images, not other way around.



Morality and ethic norms (rules of behaviour) are formed by Evolution - constantly happening natural selection between beings or groups of beings with various behaviours. Also, smart beings are able to learn from experience of their own or external examples and to change their behaviour during their own lifetime.

Actions are labelled as "Moral" or "HIGHLY moral", if they are perceived as profitable or increasing chances of survival for being or group(s) of beings, assessing situation. The more profitable someone is for others, the more he is valuable for others and, therefore, can be placed by others on HIGHER social level. Beings, who are profitable for others, can earn various privileges from these others, in exchange for that profit, and this can increase their own chances of survival.

Actions are labelled as "Immoral" or "LOWLY moral", if they are perceived as damaging or decreasing chances of survival for being or group(s) of beings, assessing situation. The more damaging someone is for others, the less he is valuable for others and, therefore, can be placed by others on LOWER social level. Beings, who are damaging for others can be isolated from society and this can decrease their own chances of survival.

Overall, moral-good behaviour of individuals has more advantages for survival of groups, than disadvantages. Groups, in which individuals care for each other, support each other and cooperate, are stronger than groups, in which individuals fight with each other and damage each other. Also, individuals in cruel and unjust groups need to waste more resources in order to protect themselves from each other. Mental stress in cruel groups shortens life expectancy of individuals too.

Cooperative-caring groups simply push out of existence uncooperative-individualistic-egoistic groups with their uncooperative-individualistic-egoistic morality. This is why overall average morality in the World constantly rises, even, if some ups and downs may happen during that process. It should be noted, that cooperation must not be forced on individuals, by threatening to inflict pain or losses on them. Cooperation must be profitable for all cooperating individuals and based on non-forced voluntary decisions.

Value is subjective.

Value of object or event is determined by evaluator - single being or group of beings. Value does not exist without evaluator. Value depends on perception of size/rate of BENEFITS and DAMAGES brought by objects or events to evaluator. Perception can be incorrect and evaluators, sometimes, may value damaging things, wrongly thinking, that they are valuable-good for them. Beings, which value damages more, than benefits, usually, are killed fast or slow by their own preferences-choices, leaving environment for those, who prefer benefits more, than damages. Value of human also depends on how much he can BENEFIT evaluators. Exactly the same object or event can have different value for different evaluators. Value of insulin will be higher for patient with diabetes. Although, person with asthma will value bronchodilators more than insulin. Mothers, often, value their own child more, than someone else's child. Dogs will defend their own puppies more furiously, than some unknown human baby from some stranger. Also, the same object or event can have different value for the same evaluator in different situations. For example, loaf of bread in “Auschwitz” can be more valuable than golden ring. It can be reversed in other situations. Value is SUBJECTIVE for each and everyone and changes along with evaluators and situations in which they finds themselves. Value can be object of debates and negotiations. Similar in some characteristics evaluators may value something similarly, but the same for all eternal values never existed and will not exist, as evaluators and situations, they are in, are different and not eternal. Forcing your own values on others with violence, threats and fear without explanation, understanding and voluntary acceptance is not effective, long-lasting and reliable tactics.

Morality of actions, like value of something, depends on how evaluator perceives profit and losses. Perception can be incorrect. What is perceived as "moral" for one person or group, can be perceived as "immoral" for other person or group. For example, to kill Jews and to take their possessions was perceived as profitable and therefore moral for Nazi soldiers and their "Fatherland", but the same action was harmful and therefore immoral for Jews and everyone else, who saw more losses than profit (especially for themselves) in such actions.

If one evaluator or group of evaluators suffer losses from event, while another evaluator or group of evaluators receive benefits from it, there may be fight between these groups, in order to stop or continue that event. And it is difficult to reach an agreement between groups, when one of both sides try to present their own subjective values as objective to everyone. When only non-explanatory “good” and “evil” terms flying around, as arguments and “objective” justifications for abusive actions, covering behind them specific selfish and greedy beneficial motives. Because, greediness and selfishness is not something, that goes well with image of "goodness". “Good” and “evil” are labels, not explanation. People should always try to explain logically to themselves and others, why something is perceived as (subjectively) beneficial-good or (subjectively) loss-evil and to see situation from not only their own perspective, but from perspective of others. Blindness and ignorance doesn't help in conflicts. Fish can desire water up to the sky everywhere for everyone, but this may be not so beneficial for some land animals. Clear understanding of each other's selfish motives and honesty from both sides makes it easier to negotiate. Pretence, that you can’t understand your opponent, dishonesty and greed forces similar traits to be used from other side. Unfortunately, people deceive not only others, but themselves too, in order to show and view themselves in lighter colours. With incomprehension you can show others only your own foolishness.

It is always useful to understand and separate subjective from objective in conflicts. 2+2=4 is simply demonstrable objective fact. Doesn't matter, how you feel about that. How you feel about that... is subjective. Battles about... which colour, shape, food, leisure type or pleasure is more enjoyable... average statistical value of joy may be objective fact for particular group and time, if survey is implemented correctly. But it is subjective on individual level, when the same event or object creates different reactions (levels of enjoyments) in different bodies, because of their differences. Tastiness of the same food may vary even for the same person, depending on condition of his body and mental state (for example, how hungry he is and what kind of associations he has with particular food at that time). With some effort and right tactics, you can make someone hate something, what he loved before. Oh, you love that song? Let me play it for you 10000 times, while I will torture and rape you :).

Majority of organisms want to survive and reach their goals faster. Usually, desires of individuals are bigger than their individual capabilities. Therefore, to reach their goals, beings, sometimes, need not just to improve themselves, to create better tools, but to create social groups and cooperate in them too (20 well organised noodle-appendage nerds can beat 1 body builder). Individuals in groups can afford specialisation. Specialisation rose individual skills to higher level and led faster to industrial revolution. Even ants live in harmonious cooperation. Not because they are smart and thought about that – simple forms of cooperation doesn't need big brain. But because beings, which born with more expressed cooperative traits or better ability to learn, how to cooperate, increased their abilities directly or indirectly to survive. Indirectly – by supporting themselves through supporting their own group. They simply pushed out (from existence) similar beings, which didn’t coordinate their actions between each other, acted separately and even fought with each other. In such way, during natural selection, lower moral norms-rules (followers of such rules) were pushed out from existence by higher moral norms-rules (followers of such rules). Sometimes, strength of collective depends on weakest link - this weakest link can betray secrets of all collective or secretly open gates of the city to enemies. Collectives, which cared about weak and tried to make them stronger, had better chances of survival than collectives, which did not such thing.

Of course, excessive altruism, when individual hurts himself badly for well being of others, sometimes, may lower his own chances of survival and even lead to destruction. There are a lot of straight and especially dangerous undercover leeches around, who will suck you dry and leave you to suffer or die without remorse. Low level leeches, usually, end up in isolation or prison. Smart ones may still trick their way into power and suck everyone on mass scale for decades. But with time it is harder and harder for them to be unnoticed and unrevealed.

While creating values and reaching happiness, it is important, that no one will destroy achieved results. Therefore, beings created rules, how to avoid destruction of values and creativity. Requirements not to destroy each other's values and not to limit each other, as much as it is possible, were added to norms. People agreed to behave similarly: "I will behave well with you, expecting in exchange, that you will behave the same with me". Sometimes, moral norms are restrictions of actions (don't kill, don't steal, don't lie, etc.). Although, people, usually, have no intentions to put limits on themselves, while pursuing their personal gains, they don't mind to limit others. Limiting type moral norms were created by thinking not about how to limit self and how creator of such norms-rules must behave with others. They were created by thinking about how to limit others and how others must behave (well) with creator of such norms-rules.

Even killers and thieves, who allow killing and stealing for themselves, think about their own security, welfare and how to protect themselves, are inclined to forbid killing and stealing for others. Therefore average moral norms (dedicated for society) are always higher than average morality of their creators (individuals).

Religion and Morality

In order for higher morality norms to appear, there is no need for higher source or power or mind, as God. Morality evolved from real human experiences and practical interactions with each other. People passed from generation to generation with words or wrote on various media that experience and lessons they learned. It was not created by imaginary gods or priests. Priests just took already existent in society moral norms and copied them into their own religious books. In these religious books, infested with lies, they declared their gods and themselves as inventors and main protectors of morality, in order to look more useful and essential for society. Their main “contribution” to morality was addition of requirement to support and blindly worship their God and His "representatives" on earth (i.e. priests) with their ideologies, as the “highest moral duty”. ​Religion even distorted moral norms with after-death rewards and punishments. Sometimes, people may not seek justice, because they believe, that for bad and good deeds everyone will be rewarded or punished ...after death by God himself.

To make it easier for Religion to disappear, it would be good to separate Religion (superstition) from Morality (rules of behaviour in groups). Sometimes, Religion was main player in morality, education or culture and even had monopoly in these areas many centuries, because it was THE BEST... not in morality, education and culture, but in... persecuting, destroying and killing competitors... especially secular ones.

If elected Government doesn’t want to be pushed around and share its power with various Religions ( i.e. priests ), it must stop supporting them with resources, laws and speeches. Government must remove all evolutionary advantages, religions already have, like tax breaks. It is time for religions to go away to history books and museums, where they belong. Common people – voters should support separation of Religion ( i.e. priests ) from Government and should not give power over themselves to those, who they do not constantly re-elect and control, because uncontrolled power corrupts and gives birth to greedy monsters. In liberal and democratic countries moral norms are represented by acts and documents, related to human rights and freedoms, like "Geneva Convention", "Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms", "Civil Law".


Morality and religious groups (for example, Christian).

Inability to understand, why moral norms are higher than average social morality, led some people to thoughts, that morality was created by someone else, existing above the society, for example, God.

Japanese are not Christians. Are they all bandits, thieves and rapists? No. It is obvious, that people can be moral even without Christianity. Moral norms existed and exists, where there was no and where there is no Christianity. Christianity is not required for existence of morality.

Were antique philosophers immoral bandits, robbers and rapists, because they were not Christians and didn’t know Christ? Did humans realise that to kill, steal and lie is bad, when Christians appeared, only? No. Various writings from the past clearly shows, that morality and moral behaviour existed long before Christianity. Christianity didn’t invent moral norms or added something revolutionary. It only modified them to be beneficial for Christianity and its rulers. Contributions of various religious groups, like Christianity, in development of moral norms (rules of behaviour) were expressed just in adding obligations to maintain and support these religious groups materially and psychologically… and by declaring such support and maintenance as moral act.

People created Christianity by mixing various stories, legends with moral norms of that time and, by putting that mix into their own books. Some stories have some truth in them, some are lies, some are obvious plagiarism of older legends - only the names were changed. Of course, to justify their existence and to raise their own value in society (people pay more for valuable things), Christians began to assign all moral creation and development merits to themselves, as though before them and around them morality did not exist and world could not exist without them in the future. They convinced nations to be their hostages. Otherwise, according to them, world will suffer and even may die without them.

Christians themselves often were robbers and supported various Crusades, during which not one nationality was robbed and wiped out from the ground, along with their material and cultural values. Of course, appropriated during pillages booty was guarded by Christianity as its own eye. Even priests were banned from breeding, so they could not pass their possessions to wife and children after death. Burning of books was another big “contribution” of Christianity to European culture and heritage. Christian philosophy and teachings gave birth to one of God’s will carrier Adolf Hitler. He declared and tried to destroy Jews as “Christ killers”, in accordance to decisions and recommendations by former Popes and synods, how to deal with Jews. Ghettos, badges, persecutions and other similar inventions were introduced to the World not by Hitler, but by Christian church, long before Hitler was even born. Another Christian “contribution” was Inquisition. Humanity was taught that, in the name of goodness, sadistic and barbaric tortures can be acceptable and useful. If you want someone to see the ultimate truth – poke his eyes out. If you want someone to approach and stand closer to God – brake his legs. If God can't touch someone's soul through his thick skin – just peel it off. If physical body is still too heavy for spiritual journey towards God, you can always transform it all to spiritual form at once, by burning someone alive. Let him greet God with genuine screams of divine joy. And the best part is that you can easily hide you raging boner under clerical robe, while doing all this.

Usually, majority in power sets, what is acceptable and moral. By expanding or narrowing circle of assessors and by moving that circle from one place to another - the morality of the same action may vary.

Our well-being is connected to well-being of environment, surrounding people.

Our well-being depends not only from us, but from well-being and behaviour of others. By destroying material property or social relations of others, we often hurt ourselves, if not directly, then through the environment, which we are part of. People sometimes don’t care and are unable to calculate huge overall damage they do to others with their actions, which are intended to gain some small personal profits. They see situation too narrowly in space and time.

When water is poured from one glass to another, the total amount of water never increases, but can be spilled out and lost during conflicts. The problem is, that stupid people are capable to see only their own glass, and are incapable to comprehend all situation. They can’t realise, that profit, when the amount of water in their own glass increases, at the expense of others, is very localised. Profit should not be made by creating losses to others.

For example. someone steals copper wires worth $30, by destroying electric motor worth $500, belonging to someone else. Yes, the thief will make $30 profit, but total damage of his actions to surroundings will be $470.

Or medic can be killed in dark alley and $500 taken from him. Criminal will make $500 profit for himself, but loss for others-surroundings would be overwhelming. Human is destroyed , in whose education were invested a lot of time and hundreds of thousands, who repaired damages in other human beings , made by other people or natural processes . Sometimes, person, who planned and could bring benefits for millions in the future, for example, could save or prolong life with some discovery, including criminal’s life, can be killed even for less than $500.

Some people create values. Like person, who works in TV factory and assembles TV sets or develops and improves TV set production lines, so TVs could be more sophisticated and cheaper to make and sell and to buy for consumers. Part of our well-being belongs from such people, because they invent and create values-goods. Because of them, over time, we can buy everything cheaper and we are able to improve our lives, make it easier.

Some people destroy values - thieves, murderers, robbers, rapists and other criminals. They do not create values, but only move already created values from one pocket to another (usually, to their own pocket from someone's else pocket). Their actions don’t increase total amount of values-goods in the world. On the contrary, during theft, robbery, murder or rape, part of already existing values are destroyed. Even if, during theft process, material goods are not destroyed (such as cut locks, braked windows), these actions ruin and destroy social relationships between people in society.

Some people create and destroy values. Part of the time they can work at TV factory. And then, after work, they can go to steal, kill, plunder or rape. Personal needs almost always are higher than personal abilities and resources, so some people can try to satisfy their needs at the expense of others.

It is fairly easy to calculate material losses, when material values are stolen or destroyed. It can be harder to understand, how this also damages social relationships and why it is wrong to damage them. Nobody wants to harm themselves directly or indirectly, but crimes are done by socially stupid people. These people are able to calculate their personal material benefits from looted objects, but can’t realise full social damage of their actions to all society and how their actions damage material side of life.

Burglaries, thefts, robberies and other similar crimes forces society to waste money and time on protection of already existing values, in order to prevent unlawful transfer of values from one place to another. People must invest in technological security measures and additional personnel, watching over goods. It would be better to spend resources to create new values and pleasures. Weapons belong to the same wasteful category. Because they are designed not only to protect already existing values from transfer, but to destroy values of others as well. The more civilised, intelligent and conscious is society, the less it needs to surround its values with threats and supervision, to maintain serenity. Behaviour of individuals can be regulated by individual's desire to have better life not only in his own yard limits, but outside these limits too. With proper education, laws can be substituted with voluntary decisions. If explained from small age, people can understand, which of their actions destroy wealth and social relations, and which of them create wealth and social relations with reciprocal harmony. Good behaviour without constant threat and fear of heavy punishing fist is harder to pull off, but is more reliable, because it depends not on external fist, which is not always around, but on internal mind, which controls your actions even, when you are alone.

Consequences of our bad behaviour.

Our personal example infects others to behave the same, including with us. Society is like public swimming pool, in which we all sometimes swim. By pissing in this shared pool, not only we risk to drink urine of our own or others, but our children will enjoy such “pleasure” as well. Rubbish, thrown in the forest, attracts other trash over time and recreation in nature turns into a trip to the dump field. Of course, sometimes, government takes resources from our own pockets (in tax form) to clean up these dump fields.

Anyone can throw their garbage into their neighbour's yard, at the beach or deep in the forest, where no one can see us. Yes, we can clean our personal territory fast in such way. But, right outside of our personal spaces, we will find ourselves in physical and moral trash land. It may not be a problem, if our life is limited to our own narrow territories only, but it happens very rarely. By throwing garbage around and into neighbour's yard, we are seeding such actions as norm of life and may end up reaping results, when our neighbours will begin to throw their own garbage around and into our yard too. One fair expression states: Clean is not there, where someone is cleaning up, but where no one is littering.

If we destroy something, misappropriate or deceive... deceived, wronged people, who saw us doing that, associate our attributes, traits, facial and body characteristics with losses-evil-bad. Then, not only we personally, but, also, people, like us (including our children), with similar characteristics and traits, will have more problems dealing with others in the future.

For example, after rumours, that there is a raging maniac-murderer or a thief with black hair, blue eyes and dressed green in the city, people will become more suspicious towards all similar persons. Or after announcement in the news, that gang of Lithuanians slaughters, robs and rapes local girls... some amount of trust in Lithuanians and their value in society’s eyes will decrease, as Lithuanians will be associated with danger and loss. It is easy to destroy reputation. It takes time for people to forget someone's bad deeds. It takes even large or impossible amount of offender’s efforts to compensate and recover good name. It is hard to restore good consequences, emerging from good name (people are nicer to you and more trustful), replacing bad ones (people don't want you to be around and to cooperate with you), as response to previous bad actions.

Crimes increase anxiety, reduce feeling of security, tranquillity and peace of mind. This increases psychological discomfort and reduces ability to rest. Person without rest works and creates values worse and will be more often unwell physically too.

Crimes in society promotes distrust and suspicions. People become more distrustful and cautious. This prolongs various negotiations. Group projects, which require trust, are delayed more, forcing to spend time to ensure credibility and reliability of partners, adding various security deposits, etc.. Sometimes, group projects, because of this, collapse or do not start at all.

To rob people or to steal physical assets or ideas from them, means to take away their valuables, received for physical and intellectual efforts or work. The loss of incentives-rewards for work, decreases enthusiasm and desire to work and achieve something in the future. People are not inclined to waste resources for nothing or losses. As a result, for example, robbed doctor can be disappointed in life and society and society may not get new drug from some disease. Not only, because he will not get reward from his work, but because he will not see the need to help or save such mankind. After robbing an engineer, it may take longer for some invention to appear, that could improve mankind's leisure... and so on. If someone is robbing people around him (even if no one notice, what and how is happening) that someone may live in nicer house, but everything around that house he personally is turning to shit.

To kill or to harm another person is easy. But it is also easy for others to kill or to hurt you. Not one martial-art master or bodybuilder lie in the ground with hole in his head, made by bulled, emerged from dystrophic’s gun. You are one, and there are billions of others - quantitative ratio is not in your favour. If others will develop desire to kill or to hurt you, you will not have long-term chances to survive or to protect yourself. If self-destruction is not included in your plans... don’t do anything that would lead up to that. Don’t create enemies with your own example.

Death penalty as problem solution.

In society, where killing is national sport and a lot of citizens are professional killers and rapists with extensive experiences, you may need it. Because, there will be not enough space in prisons for criminals to keep. But in advanced societies, with small amounts of condemned to die it's not worth it.

Example is contagious thing. Especially, when it is shown by authorities, like government. Example should be shown for all members of society from the birth on the state-governmental level, that killing must NEVER be solution for ANY problem. Even few cruel killers-maniacs must not be punished with death penalty. They need to be isolated from society for life. Such people could be visited by various criminal investigators, human psychology researchers and students, to analyse causes of their criminal behaviour, in order to create methods on how to predict and change such behaviour, prevent its development. If possible, we should try to repair defective components (e.g. in the brain), without destroying whole object (e.g. human). Yes, death penalty is more scary as punishment, than some years in prison, and may prevent some crimes. At the same time, it promotes idea, that killing is acceptable as punishment... and may be additional drop in decision to kill someone. At some point, removing example from society, that killing is acceptable as punishment, worth more than cost of keeping few criminals in prison for life.

By doing crime, people pay with increased psychological stress in the future, including fear of persecution, because they create enemies for themselves, who are looking for them. Also, criminal often pay by loosing his freedom. And amount of freedom lost, often is set to be greater, than personal gain, received from crime. Murder and robbery don’t create new values, but usually destroy people who create them. Of course, except cases, when murderer kills murderer - world doesn’t get much worse from that. Also, without death penalty, it is easier to extract confession from criminals about committed crimes. If death penalty exists, criminals have everything (their life) to lose and would rather lie to the end.

Why you should not steal.

Sometimes, people facilitate their personal life fast with stealing from others and they may think that it is “beneficial” tactics. It is like facilitate your trip to the mountains for a month with “beneficial” decision to load your backpack with food for only few days, without fiddling with heavy loads. Because, there always will be possibility to steal from backpacks of other members of the group-society. The problem is, that total amount of food will not increase from that - someone will have to eat less. And it may be the same person, who will hold the rope, on which thief will dangle at some point. Team performance and trust in each other can diminish fast and stay quite low, until thief is caught, when theft is noticed but not always announced, in groups. After thief is caught, he, most likely, will be punished and separated from the group, without ability to join it as trustworthy member in the future. Willingness to rescue criminal in trouble will be less, as willingness to rescue honest person, too.

Why you should not lie.

Lying is misleading. Misled people make wrong decisions and this weakens their chances of survival for themselves and for people, who depend on them. If you lie to your partner (e.g. you think or feel one thing, but say another), sometimes, you may gain some short term advantage over situation or partner, but you are still feeding him with wrong information and form wrong perception about yourself. Fed with wrong information, people are unable to assess situation correctly and make correct decisions, hurting themselves and others. Especially, when there is no one near, who knows the truth, to correct them. Instead of reliably protecting your back, misled person more often will be your weak spot in the future. Lies leads to misunderstandings and more difficult communication, ending in anger and separation. Lies leads to future, when help is necessary, but you will be left with your own wail “why no one believes and understands me?” and yourself only to blame. Person is not strong, how much and how well he can deceive himself and others, but how much truth he is able to bear and handle. Lie is easy short term solution, but almost always backfires very hard later, especially, when others will figure out that you are liar. Often people don't tell liar, that they noticed lies, until it is tool late for liar to regret and take back his lies.

Why you should be faithful and keep your promises.

Sexual rampage with others increases chances to become infected and to infect others with diseases and the same behaviour. It is unlikely will strengthen and improve relations in a couple. By making love with someone, you are making love not only with that someone, but with every his partner and his partner’s partners (and so on) before you. Being lover also means, that part of your material and psychological resources you are secretly spending on someone else. If you implied or pledged to be faithful and to spend your own resources on person you gave promises too only - such actions is secret theft. It is hard to create trust. Many years may be needed for that. Destroying trust is easy and can be done instantly. Hurt person will never forget that. He can only forgive, if you will be able to compensate damage with something, what is valuable for hurt person (not for you). Adultery, like theft, increases distrust, instability, psychological discomfort, forces victims to care about additional protection, wasting his and society's time and money. This leads to destruction of environment we are living in.

Why you should not fight.

In disputes of smart people truth emerges. Disputes of stupid people, usually, end up with fights, in which both sides suffer physical and mental losses.

Why you should not be aggressive and should not act “tough”.

People may try to raise their value by acting-portraying themselves physically and psychologically better, than they really are. They may balloon themselves, like frogs, in order to look more menacing and bigger. Although, honest person, who really knows his own value in life and, especially, if that value is high, has no need to pretend, demonstrate or “lift” it artificially in front of others with acting, like specific face expressions or standing in poses with watermelons under armpits and between legs. Such acting gives away, that person has doubts about his own value or strength (also, in the eyes of others) and, therefore, he is trying to pretend-impersonate someone, he is not.

Sometimes, people rise their value by artificially setting psychological and physical situations, when they are “walking away" and others are “flowing after” them. This implies, that “walking away” is needed (more valuable) by the one, who follows him (the one, who needs-lacks values). This “rises” value of “walking away” person... even, when that value is car audio in the hands of running away thief. It is useful to understand similar manipulations and use them as little as possible, because this is also form of deception-misleading, complicating understanding.

Reformation of criminals and states.

By combating different-minded (even entire states) with guns and brutal force, and not with information, we often cause more damage, than good, to environment. You can not fight guns with pens only, but we should more often drop books, not bombs, despite how sweet is smell of burning human flesh and sound of crying baby over his killed mother. Unfortunately, it is still easier to explain and justify billions, spent on instant destruction of enemy, instead of prioritising slow mental reformation, to society, which lacks international empathy. Especially, when goal is to control and expropriate enemy’s resources. International politics and prison systems should be more about reconfiguration of thinking and not about killing or isolation of thinker from environment and information, which could help reformation. By torturing and dropping criminals and different-minded people into darkness, we will not make them more humane and brighter. In order to change their mental state and health, we need to educate and explain, what and why is wrong not only for society, but for criminal himself. It is harder for mind to resist criminal behaviour, if mind can’t understand and comprehend, how short-term and short-sight gain is not worth long-term and far-sight losses. By torturing and killing others and by winning in such way, we spread such model of behaviour as “successful”. Then, we should expect, that others will adopt this model, as “successful”, and will try to use it against each other and against us more often too. We kill... they kill. The best way to defeat your enemy is to make him your friend. It should be noted, that being friendly with one dictator, while he tortures and kills millions of his own, doesn’t count, as full-scale victory – you conquered just one (dictator's) mind, millions to go.

Recreating the same hell they escaped from.

It is okay, when people are coming from less developed countries in manageable amounts. They can see positive results of Western thinking, inform about it their families at home and bring back best-positive parts of the West to their own cultures. Also, they can bring something unique and new from their own cultures for us to try and, if it is good, to adopt. The main problem is, that some people bring their old life style and thinking, which ruined their own country and life, from which they escaped, with them. Some people have primitive approach like “Those stupid westerners are so trusting and naive... they deserve to be fooled, deceived and raped without shame.”. They understand Western trust among people not as achievement of society, empowering and speeding up collective projects, letting not to waste resources on check-ups and security, like alarms and locks on doors, giving more relaxed physical state of mind and better physical health, but as weakness and stupidity... to be exploited. The best example, of relations and society in pure form, ruled by such primitive thinking, is where concentration of such people is densest – in prisons. If you think like neanderthal… welcome to your own.

Complementary and contradictory differences.

There are less conflicts, if differences between people are complementary, not contradictory. If people have different explanation for the same phenomenon – someone is wrong. There are no two different (contradictory) truths. Truth can be only one. Different (contradictory) can be opinions. And truth may be not even presented between those opinions at all.

Logical explanation is better way to change something permanently, than “humiliating” someone and then imposing on that someone world-view as “truth” from “higher” (“authority”) position. Such “truth” often disappears together with “authority”.

Correct behaviour is one that allows to achieve the most benefits with the least damages to yourself and others.

<...unfinished translation...>



Time and “time deceleration / acceleration” nonsenses...

Changes in the Universe are happening, because particles (or groups of particles) are moving, relatively to each other in space.

Big Bang started, because something happened before Big Bang... which “ignited” it. It could be very tiny event, movement. This means, that Universe wasn't static, unchanging or indivisible singularity before Big Bang. If changes, which “ignited” Big Bang, existed before Big Bang - time and space existed before it also – Big Bang didn't create them.

Space is not material object – it is emptiness between particles. In other words, space is lack of particles.

Time (like speed, position, or emptiness between particles) IS NOT material particle or object too. This is only theoretical, comparative measurement system for measuring and expressing, how much one particle (or group of particles) changed its (their) position in space, while other particle (or group of particles) changed some amount of its (their) position in space. Objects, to which we compare all other objects, can be named “clocks” or “rulers”, etc..

You can move or change only material objects - particles (or group of particles), by changing their position in space (relatively to each other). You can't move space itself between particles... only by moving particles you can increase or decrease space (emptiness) between them. You can move particles into one or another position (relatively to other particles), but not position itself, as position of particle is not material object, which you can push. Also... you can change or move around materially expressed values in your theoretical measurement systems, which describe properties of particles (or group of particles) and what's between them. For example, by heating and stretching plastic ruler, you can “increase” size of centimetres and in such way “decrease” size of all object in the Universe, which you measure with that ruler.

You can't move, cut, squeeze, stretch, bend or flex time itself (as space or speed) in reality, as some kind of material object. You can only create your own very „flexible” theoretical measurement systems. For example, you can say, that “time=sheet of paper” and then bend that sheet of paper in your imagination how you like it, or you can claim that “time=bucket” and then fill that bucket in your imagination with water – these fantasies are not reality – time IS NOT sheet of paper or bucket. People sometimes do not understand, that by inventing their own “flexible” measurement systems, stretching or shrinking rulers, slowing down or speeding up clocks, they do not change actual properties, speed or distances between objects itself in reality.

Lets say, that you flew in space for several years at the speed of light and, after returning to Earth, noticed, that on Earth, during your flight, passed few thousand years... This means, that during your flight at the speed of light is slowed down NOT time, but only local physical processes - interaction speed between local material particles in your spaceship. Slowing down or acceleration of local physical processes IS NOT acceleration or slowing down of time, no matter, for what reason this event happens. If material pointer of the clock in spaceship began to spin slower than on Earth, because all local physical processes in spaceship slowed down, it does not mean that time has slowed down... as time itself is not slowing down, if rotation of clock's pointer starts to slowing down or stops, because clock …run out of batteries. After depleting battery or unrolling spring, when clock starts to go slower or stops – we do not say that “time has slowed down, stopped or began to accelerate” around it. Talks about “slowing down or acceleration of time at the speed of light is just juggling with words and terms, in order to make greater impression on listeners and to look smarter, by providing more complicated explanation, than it really needs.

Of course, we can put clock-reference in our spaceship, according to which we can SUBJECTIVELY measure time in all Universe (or speed of all the particles in the Universe) and then we can “philosophise” that, by comparison, accordingly to this clock, entire Universe began to accelerate or decelerate (depending on the state of this clock's batteries). “Clocks” are particles or groups of particles, which move in regular, repeating trajectories, and we compare size of their position changes in space with size of position changes in space with other particles or group of particles around them (which are are not assigned to category of “Clocks”). “Clocks” can be based on regular movements of other objects, like repeatable position changes of Earth.

You can speed up, slow down or stop movement of particles in space, or to restore local physical processes to its primary state (particle's position in space). This has nothing in common with travel through time. Time travel is nice idea, but totally absurd and only possible in science-fiction fantasies. It is impossible to travel through time as... it is impossible to travel through speed ... you can travel only faster or slower (in comparison to...). comment 2010 07 23 15:40

Lets agree on terms - a time machine, is a device, which for particular object changes only the time coordinate t, but does not change spatial coordinates x, y and z. If a time machine changes object's spatial coordinates x, y and z, this is hybrid of time machine and teleporter (teleporter changes spatial coordinates of the object instantly, without changing its coordinates of the time).

If you only have a time machine, it can lead to very bad situation, if you will not evaluate, that the Earth orbits around the Sun at 30 km/s, the Sun orbits around the centre of our galaxy at 220 km/s, and all our galaxy fly somewhere else. Therefore, if currently you are at coordinates x, y and z, then 1 second ago you were far away from x, y and z at least per 220 km. Thus, by travelling through time 1 sec. back, you will be in empty space 220 km away from Earth.

Something from nothing or... Universe from nothing by “Sai Baba” Krauss?

In order to defend his “something from nothing” idea, Lawrence Krauss started to adopt tactics of believers: “Common sense does not necessary apply to the Universe.” Sounds like Christian, talking about his God. Lawrence Krauss on Q&A - Science vs Religion - 18 Feb 2013.

Lawrence “Sai Baba” Krauss

Lawrence Krauss, otherwise brilliant scientists and defender of rationality, said in his lecture that nothing isn't nothing any more... if you… get rid of all the particles, all the radiation, absolutely everything, so there is nothing there… that nothing weights something… nothing is boiling, bubbling brew of virtual particles that pooping in and out of existence in a time scale so short you can't see them”.

Dear "Sai Baba" Krauss, if you get rid of everything you understand and know, and there is something unknown, you can't see and can't understand, still left... and this something even weights, this... doesn't mean that you get rid of everything, and nothing left. This means, that something unknown to you still left and you don't call that SOMETHING UNKNOWN to you - “nothing”.

Unfortunately, Lawrence Krauss did exactly that and based title of his book on that. So... according to Krauss, “nothing” doesn't mean nothing, because there's something in that nothing... and only “absolute nothing” means nothing now. Do “0” should mean large number than 0 and only “absolute 0” should mean 0 too? Recipe for publishing...

1. Claim inside the book that “Nothing is not nothing. Nothing is something now.”
2. Title your book “Universe from nothing

Why? Because “Universe from something” is not so impressive, revolutionary and will not catch so much attention. So, dear scientists, redefine and invent new meanings of words inside your books and then use these new meanings for titles. “Something is nothing”, “black is white”, “0 is 1”, “empty is full”... no limits for linguistic stunts. You can always use scientific apologetics and redefine meanings of words, like “nothing”, by saying “Nothing is not nothing. Nothing is something.” (Neil deGrasse Tyson). Of course, like... “0 is not 0... 0 is 1.” now. Please, dear scientists, spread nonsense, because nonsense by atheism is not as bad, as nonsense by religion, and will not cause problems in the future, like “god” of Einstein. Oh wait... this, actually, did cause problems and confusion.

Something=Existent. Nothing=non-Existent. Something can't appear from nothing in reality. In nothingness there is also ...nothing... to initiate-begin-start-cause process of appearance, creation or transformation to something. As 0 can't transform to 1 from itself... unless something else or “miracle”, “god” or “quantum bullshit” will be involved. Problem here is not with science, problem is with language... it should be so simple to understand.

When people saw objects but not individual molecules, did they write books “Objects from nothing”? When people saw molecules, but not individual atoms, did they write books “Molecules from nothing”? When people saw atoms, but not individual electrons, protons and neutrons, did they write books “Atoms from nothing”? Why suddenly... to call SOMETHING UNKNOWN and currently unexplainable - “nothing”? Is it necessary to distort meaning of words in order to sell more books?

Rearrangement and new structure creation from already existent components is not something from absolutely nothing. Lawrence Krauss is like Michio Kaku – they both are trying to gain popularity with “sensational” claims and “stretched” statements in their topics. It would be normal in show business, but not in precise science. This will create problems later, like in case of Einstein’s God. It is not good, when claims violate simple rules of logic. It is like “I know that I know nothing” by Socrates. It is understandable, what author wanted to say, but it is logically inaccurate and... beginning of the sentence contradicts its own end. We are sure that Socrates knew more than only, how to generate one sentence, expressing his wrong knowledge that he “knew nothing”. He could say “I know that I know almost nothing in comparison to… ”. Now religious people will claim that Bible was right, because even scientist (Lawrence “Sai Baba” Krauss) confirmed that God could create something from nothing and miracles are possible, when Jesus and mediums create something from nothing. Why not to admit, that Universe always existed and only changed its form and there is no need for Creator or claims that Universe created itself or God created it from Nothing. Almost Nothing (Something) is not the same and should not be confused with absolutely Nothing (Nothing). It should be clear what scientist have in mind in their debates and they should not pervert meaning of words.

If you want to understand better, what is time, how it works and why there is only present, you can watch movie "Time Trap" (2017). Movie characters do not behave very intelligently sometimes, but person, who wrote the script, clearly understood, what is time, and was able to portray it clearly and accurately.



Happiness – feeling evoked by events, which are perceived as improvement, beneficial or increases chances of survival.

Strong state of happiness is called “joy”. Strength of happiness correlates with size of improvement, relative to what someone already had. For example: person, who had $1000, after wining in lottery another $1000, will be exited similarly, like a millionaire, who won a million, since they both will increase their money similar number of times.

With time, people get used, to what they have, and don't enjoy it as much, as in the beginning. Because happiness is more about rejoicing for improvement (newly obtained or experienced) and not for something, people already have for a long time. Happiness is quite temporary thing. Therefore, even smart and rich people, who, seems, have “everything” (or, simply put, people, who reached limits of possibilities, which could improve their current existence) can become and be unhappy. Especially, if they are unaware, how “happiness” is triggered and works.

Therefore, people in some poor countries can feel happier, than people in rich countries. This is partly, because people in rich countries already passed economic rise, which citizens of developing countries are facing right now. Amount of happiness depends not only on comparison with our own situation, but with situation of others. If everyone around is poor, it is easier to be happy. It is more difficult to be happy, if, while you are poor, someone near you is insanely rich. Then, improvements, relatively big in comparison with your own existing conditions, but miserable in comparison with existing conditions of rich neighbour, are not so impressive and don’t give as much joy as they could.

Conditions for happiness should be build (created) by oneself. People should not concentrate only on search for those, who have more, in order to take as many from them as possible. Happiness, as resources, does not multiply from constant taking from others. In such cases, it usually only moves from one pocket, to another. Although, happiness can be triggered by voluntary giving – through feeling of self usefulness and therefore increasing your own social value/status in society. Sharing with others, if something does not give us joy, but will make others very happy, is recommended also, in order to make our surroundings, in which we live, happy and peaceful place.

How brain triggers happiness (chemically), maybe could be understood by analysing how operates LSD drug.